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'TRUMPCARE' JUDGMENT DAY: The GOP's Obamacare replacement is in danger

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TRUMP: 'The best thing we can do is let Obamacare explode'

Obama spokesman tweets out photo of jubilant former president as GOP Obamacare replacement fails

Inside Samantha Bee's classy $4.83 million New York City apartment

Democrats gloat after 'Trumpcare' fails: 'So much for "The Art of the Deal"'

Wall Street's pivoting toward a bullish pitch on Trumpcare's collapse -- but it's totally missing the point

PAUL RYAN: 'Obamacare is the law of the land'

Healthcare stocks that benefitted from Obamacare spike after 'Trumpcare' vote gets pulled

You might be drinking water from the last Ice Age, and 13 other striking facts about Earth's life-giving liquid


Is it ACHA or AHCA? A linguist explains why so many people are abbreviating the healthcare bill wrong

A major candy maker plans to open a factory in Wisconsin

This Silicon Valley school shuns technology -- yet most of the students are children of tech execs

The Pentagon is 'looking into' reports that an airstrike killed hundreds of civilians in Mosul

'This bill is a shame and a disgrace': Watch John Lewis' fiery speech opposing the GOP health care bill

Chart shows just how lopsided the NBA is right now

The director of the mind-blowing new sci-fi thriller 'Life' explains how he pulled it off

This Bloomberg story on auto-parts plants in the South is horrifying

A giant U-shaped skyscraper designed for New York City could be the longest building in the world

Wall Street is starting to talk about the possibility of Apple buying Disney