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What's Happening

Kim Jong Un just called Trump a 'dotard' -- here's what that means

The High Court says One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts was a British citizen after all

A man has been charged with assault after allegedly headbutting Tony Abbott

PODCAST: With Con Michalakis on China, cryptos, rates, and quantitative tightening in the US

North Korea's latest threat to the US was unlike any other from the regime

Cory Bernardi criticises charity day asking people to wear a school dress, inadvertently raises $200,000 for cause

Betsy DeVos is getting rid of Obama's landmark campus sexual assault guidelines -- here are the 2 biggest changes

SolarCity, which is now owned by Tesla, will pay $29.5 million to resolve allegations that it lied to the government

Customers say there's 'not a chance in hell' they'd let Walmart enter their homes to deliver groceries to the fridge

Apple added a must-have safety feature to your iPhone in iOS 11 -- here's how to set it up

As the new Apple TV launches, Amazon's video app is still 'coming soon'

Republican Congressman says the US should preemptively strike North Korea

A new analysis says 21 million more people would have no insurance under the new GOP healthcare bill

The Celtics nearly blew their masterful rebuild 2 years ago by making an insane trade offer to move up in a draft

A relationship psychologist says he hard a hard time with the transition to fatherhood -- here's his best advice for any new parent

Taco Bell is ditching the drive-thru and going upscale

Adobe has hired a media buying veteran to help ramp up its advertising bona fides

Rents are finally flatlining in San Francisco and New York -- here's what's causing it

Tom Brady skips a common football workout on the day after a game to help his body recover

New research suggests there's a better way to lose weight -- and it involves taking breaks from your diet

A disgusting viral video of KFC workers repackaging old food shows why a recent strategy has been vital to the chain's survival

Spokesperson: Tom Price chartered private jets to make 'sure he is connected with the real American people'

The Trump administration has reportedly been preparing new restrictions to replace the travel ban

Apple is falling on the first day the iPhone 8 is being sold

Nintendo has a bizarre answer for people who can't find the Switch: 'We dramatically over-delivered'

Colin Kaepernick still led the 49ers in merchandise sales even though he was no longer on the team