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What's Happening

GoCatch Has Raised $5 Million To Try And Capture Greater Market Share In Australia's $5.4 Billion Taxi Industry

Changing the model.

MOODY'S: Iron Ore Oversupply Is Increasing The Risk Of Rating Downgrades

High cost producers may take longer to exit.

There Are Now Only Six Northern White Rhinos Left On The Planet

One breeding male left.

Another Day, Another Crisis: More Rough Seas And Bargains Ahead For The Australian Market

A correction and not a full scale retreat.

Hussman: The Risk Of A 1987 Style Crash Is Growing

It's a risk not a certainty.

RBA: Australia's Ageing Population Won't Hurt The Economy As Long As Everyone Works Longer

Don't think about retiring just yet.

You've Been Rolling Your Shirtsleeves Wrong Your Entire Life

Welcome summer with the classic double-roll.

A Team Of Kids From Korea Just Won $1 Million For Playing 'League of Legends'

Where it pays to play.

These Time-Lapse Maps That Show How Much The World Has Changed In The Last 30 Years Are Completely Jarring

Global-scale data-mining.

Here's The First Team Photo Of The People Behind Google's New $100 Million London VC Fund

This was the first time that the team has been on stage together.

China's Rapid Growth Model Is About To Slam Into A Wall

China is going to have to adjust to much slower growth very soon

10 Things In Advertising You Need To Know This Morning

From the first ad on Snapchat to the story of how Steve Jobs reintroduced his signature design style back to Apple.

Spanish Nurse Tests Negative For Ebola

Monrovia (AFP) - A Spanish nurse who became the...

European Markets Are Sliding

European markets are down again, after a massive rebound in Japan.

Germany's Tax Income Is Still Rising Despite Cooling Growth

Berlin faces cooling growth prospects at home...

10 Things In Tech You Need To Know This Morning

Good morning! It's going to be a cloudy day in...

The Nikkei Is Booming Again After Last Week's Brutal Sell-Off

Japan's investors are expecting a boost from the world's biggest pension fund.

Lufthansa Strikes Just Grounded Thousands Of Flights

Lufthansa is the second big European airline to be crippled by strikes in two months

The 10 Most Important Things In The World Right Now

Welcome back from the weekend! Here's what you...

REPORT: IBM Is Getting Rid Of Its Loss-Making Chip Manufacturing Unit For $1.5 Billion

Rumours that the massive tech firm would get rid of its chip-making arm have been running for a long time

The EU's Most Important Politician Says Britain Couldn't Manage Without Europe

Jose Manuel Barroso is taking a massive swing at the idea of Britain leaving the EU

The Australian Market Went On A Tear

Up almost 1%.

This Is Why The Business World Comes To Australia To Learn English Grammar

Advanced writing skills are career-enhancing.

The NSW Government Has Opened Up A Bunch Of Data And Is Looking For Developers To Code Its Next Round Of Apps

Get coding.

What Silicon Valley Looked Like In 1991

Silicon Valley has changed a lot since the 90s.

PHOTOS: Australia Pushes For More Marine Protected Areas In Antarctica

One million square kilometres.

The US Just Resupplied Kurdish Forces Fighting ISIS In Kobani

In a move with potentially significant...

Share Market Falls Are Eating Into Our Retirement Savings Returns

Close to zero returns at the moment.

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