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Australia's Mandatory Metadata Retention Legislation: Everything You Need To Know

The Government has officially introduced a Bill into the House Of Representatives today that would compel ISPs and telcos to store your data for a prescribed amount of time. This is everything you need to know about who will store your data, how long it will be kept for, and who can access it.

What's Happening

Apple CEO Tim Cook Just Came Out As Gay

In a touching essay about his decision.

AMP Has Just Paid $240 Million For A Stake In A Mainland China Pension Company

First foreigner to buy in.

FOUNDER: Aussie Startups Need To Quit Whining And Just Build Great Companies

"If you just spent 24 hours in Silicon Valley you could meet anyone you want."

Senator Nova Peris Claims Emails Scandal Is The Result Of A Private Child Custody Dispute

Overwhelmed by support.

CHART: Here's What The Massive Demand For Medibank Shares Is Doing To The Expected Listing Price

Well above indicative range.

REVIEW: The iPad Air 2 Is The Best Tablet, But It's Still Missing Something

It's a weird time for Apple's iPad.

20 Photos Of Overcrowded Places That Will Make You Appreciate Your Space

Scrambling hordes of travellers.

NAB: Confidence Among ASX 300 Companies Is Gaining Momentum

Big companies are very confident.

AFP Says Data Retention Could Be Used To Police 'Illegal Downloads' And Piracy

No warrant needed?

I'll Look After Journalists Says Attorney-General George Brandis When It Comes To New Anti-Terrorism Laws

Prosecution not a problem.

IBM And Twitter Just Announced A Huge New Partnership

Improving business.

Top Gear Is Going On The Ultimate Road Trip Again -- And The Trailer Looks Amazing!

It's as epic as expected.

The US Is Freaking Out That Australia Doesn't Like Halloween

It's all Britain's fault anyway.

The 20 Most Popular TED Talks Of All Time

Short, sweet and smart.

Michael Jordan Talks Trash On Obama's Golf Game

Michael Jordan, one of the most prolific trash...

This App Lets You Stream Mobile Games Online, And It's Already Surpassed Twitch In One Key Area

A growing number of gamers are recording and...

The Simple Reason Why The San Francisco Giants Can't Be Considered A Dynasty

After winning their third World Series in five...

Jefferies Banker In The Middle Of A Very Messy Divorce Takes A Leave Of Absence

Bloomberg News' Stephanie Ruhle and Zeke Faux...

Nike Releases Intense Commercial About LeBron James Returning To Cleveland

Before LeBron James makes his season debut with...

Marissa Mayer Threw A Crazy Halloween Party At The Funeral Home She Bought Last Year

Marissa Mayer is known for throwing elaborate...

Scientists Have Worked Out Why Scratching Makes You Itch More

Don't do it.

Our Brains Have An Internal Google Map

Which way is that?

It Would Take Bill Gates 218 Years To Spend All His Money

At a spending rate of $1 million a day, most...

Former Boston Mayor Thomas Menino Dies At 71

BOSTON (Reuters) - Thomas Menino, the...


Gold fell below $1,200 an ounce. Prices slid...

Rand Paul Explains Why The GOP Brand 'Sucks' Like Domino's Pizza

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky), a likely 2016...

Tim Cook Just Saved 'Countless Lives' By Announcing That He Is Gay, Says The Human Rights Campaign

Apple CEO Tim Cook made headlines this morning...

DISPATCH FROM HONDURAS: What Life Is Like In The Murder Capital Of The World

On a Saturday morning in late August 2013...

Find Out What Your Zip Code Says About You With This Creepily Accurate Website

Like it or not, where you decide to live often...

The US Is Now Hammering ISIS Near Kobane

The Syrian border city of Kobane has been under...

Female Startup Founder Says You Can 'Have It All,' As Long As You Don't Mind Getting Messy

As I write this piece, I am sitting in my...

Companies Are Making Crash-Test Dummies Fatter To Reflect Average Americans

Research on how much weight an average American...

Tom Brady Has Been On Fire Since Getting Destroyed By The Chiefs

In a 41-14 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in...

Peter Jackson Explains How The Crazy Barrel Scene In 'The Hobbit' Sequel Came Together

There's a scene about an hour into "The Hobbit:...

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