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What's Happening

This 12-Year Old Runaway Is Probably Going To Be A Billionaire One Day

It's not often that a story about a boy going...

The Unthinkable Collapse Of Manchester United Gets Worse With Loss To New Coach's Old Team

Manchester United manager David Moyes tasted...

These 50 Companies Are The Champions Of The World

This past week, Citi came out with its latest...

Columbine Shooter's Mum Gave A Chilling Account Of Discovering Her Son's Massacre 15 Years Ago Today

"Impossible to believe."

Chinese Yuppies Are The New Driving Force In The Global Car Market

SHANGHAI/BEIJING (Reuters) - Global automakers...

Former NSW Premier Neville Wran Has Died, Aged 87

A Labor legend, gone

REPORT: New Pension Age Of 70 Could Start As Soon As 2029

Retirement age to increase too.

This Weird, Super-Efficient Ax Solves An Engineering Problem Most People Don't Even Know Exists

Here's How To Opt Out Of Those Annoying Targeted Ads In Your Gmail

You can't stop the big G from scanning your email.

Here's How Procrastinating Can Save You Money

The Story Behind The 'Geek' CEO Of Bankrupt Bitcoin Exchange Mt. Gox

TOKYO (Reuters) - In June 2011, when customers...

The Nikkei Rises Despite Disappointing Trade Numbers

The Japanese trade deficit widened to 1.45...

'Transcendence' Is Johnny Depp's Fourth Box-Office Bomb In A Row

No amount of star power helped out Johnny...

This Map Shows That Nearly Half Of America Is Uninhabited

Click here to see the map >

23 Health Benefits Of Marijuana

States around the country -- more than 20...

Ukraine Rebels Call For Russian Intervention After Deadly Gunfight

Pro-Kremlin rebels in east Ukraine appealed...

You Can Make Wonder Material Graphene In Your Kitchen

Graphene has been touted as a wonder material...

Iran Is Outraged After The US Seized This Manhattan Skyscraper

DUBAI (Reuters) - Iran on Saturday criticised a...

What Marijuana Does To Your Body And Brain

The good and the bad.

How To Use Tinder, A Socially Acceptable Way To Call Someone Ugly Or Attractive That's Worth $US500 Million

35 million profiles have been rated in a little under 2 months.

Here's How To Unlock Three Android Easter Eggs

From wild pranks on April Fools Day to hidden...

PHOTOS: A Rare Look Inside Google's Secret Labs Where They Invent Amazing New Things

Google recently granted a rare tour of its...

Google+ Is Actually Good For Something

Google+ is often the butt of many jokes in the...

Why The Price Of My Banh Mi Went Up

Saturday I stopped in a Vietnamese deli for...

This Is How Much Startup Founders Pay Themselves (And It's Less Than You Think)

When a startup gets handed that first big...

How Microsoft Created A Virtual Assistant That Could Blow Siri Away

Microsoft explains how Cortana was created and what makes her so different from Google Now and Android.

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