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What's Happening

The Australian Share Market Is Up Again Today Pushing Past Its Post-GFC High

Not too hot, not too cold.

Treasurer Joe Hockey Gave His Strongest Hints On The Budget Last Night. Here's What He Said

The age of entitlement is over.

10 Things You Need To Know This Morning In Australia

Buddy Franklin's troubles continue, and Apple and Facebook are crushing it.

Taxi Drivers Are Furious Over This New Uber Feature, And The NSW Government Has Asked The App For An Explanation

Ubers getting into "ridesharing".

Here's Your 20-Second Guide To What Aussie Traders Will Be Talking About This Morning

Edging lower.

Google Street View's New Time Travel Option Is Pretty Incredible

Amazing before and after.

Bionic Ear Breakthrough: Technology Regrows Auditory Nerves & Could Even Cure Parkinsons

A major medical breakthrough.

LIVE: Facebook Delivers A Big Beat On Revenues, EPS But Its Desktop Business Is In Decline

It has been a huge quarter for Facebook.

Apple Announces Stunning 7-1 Stock Split And Another Big Increase In Its Buyback Program

Shareholders to get 6 for 1.

Swans Star Buddy Franklin Totalled Four Cars In A Crash Last Night

A right mess. And we're not talking about the cars.

Why A New Skyscraper In Saudi Arabia Could Mean Doom For The Global Economy

And now China's about to build one to eclipse them all.

A Small Creek Connects The Atlantic And Pacific Oceans


Here's What $US1 Million Buys In Housing Markets Around The Globe

Hello, Cape Town.

There Are Floating Pumice Islands In The Pacific Hundreds of Square Kilometres In Area

Clogging shipping routes.

Here Are Two Great Insights On Chinese Investors' Love For Australian Property

Immigration and clean air.

The Debris That Washed Up On An Australian Beach Isn't From MH370

Underwater search to concentrate on 10km radius around pinger detection.

The Club With Cheap Beer And Pokies No Longer Focusses On The War Veterans Whose Names It Invokes

The RSL name is now just a brand

A Study Of The Timor Conflict Shows The Violence Of War Continues Long After The Last Shot

A sense of injustice quadrupled the risk of stress.

This Is Why Some Boys And Girls Are Bigger Than Others

Genetic influences get strong as children get older.

Christian Movies Continue To Crush It At The Box Office

Over the weekend, religious film "Heaven is for...

WeChat Attacks Mark Zuckerberg By Name In New Ad

The messaging app wars are heating up.


The big numbers are in.

CHART: Michael Jordan Is Still The Most Loved Athlete In America 11 Years After Retiring

For the third straight year, Michael Jordan was...

Tour The Insanely Luxurious Resort Opening On Marlon Brando's Private Island

Once reserved for Tahitian royalty only.

The 11 Most Impressive New Green Buildings In The US

The American Institute of Architects has...

Apple Reports A Big Miss On IPad Sales

Apple announced today its iPhone and iPad sales...

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