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What's Happening

Superpartners, Which Ran A Disastrous IT Project For Industry Super Funds, Is Set To Be Sold To Private Equity-Owned Link Group

An implied value of around $120 million.

ISIS Supporters Are Threatening To Kill A French National They Have Kidnapped In North Africa

Unless France ends its airstrikes.

Here's How Shoes Of Prey Built Its Phenomenal Business By Simply Getting To Know Its Customers

Lessons learned.

Free Satellite Tracking Will Improve Ability To Locate Lost Planes

Live in 2017.

Peter Thiel Responds To Twitter CEO: 'You Could Smoke A Lot Of Pot And Still Have A Great Company'

Great business model.

You Can Charge Your iPhone 6 A Lot Faster If You Use An iPad Charger Instead

Fully charged in under two hours.

Brownlow Medallist Dane Swan Has Sam Newman's Face Tattooed On His Rear After Losing Bet

A rushed behind...

In 1999, Alibaba's CEO Told Employees 2 Things They Needed To Do To Be Successful: Beat Americans And Work Longer

Alibaba went public on Friday.

Who You Choose To Go To Lunch With Can Affect Your Company's Bottom Line

The politics of cliques.

Fighters, Bombs And Missiles: The US Launches First Attacks On ISIS In Syria

Striking targets.

ISIS Calls For Australian Killings: The Chilling Statement That One Expert Says Is A 'Game-Changer'

ISIS threaten Australians.

Here's A Breakdown Of How This Speech Won The World Championship Of Public Speaking

Tips from the ultimate public speaker.

iPhone Users Are Freaking Out After Apple Removed 'Camera Roll' And Made It Harder To Delete Photos

Nobody knows where their photos are going.

Majoring In Drones Could Earn You A Six-Figure Salary Right Out Of School

More than a commercial pilot.

LinkedIn's CEO Jeff Weiner Reveals The Importance Of Body Language, Mistakes Made Out Of Fear, And One Time He Really Doubted Himself

The man behind the $25 billion powerhouse.

Thanks To Apple's Financial Geniuses, The iPhone 6 Isn't Just A Smartphone -- It's A Magic Profit Machine

Separating you from your money.

These Photos Show How Eastern Ukraine Is Stuck In Its Soviet Past

Donbass I and II.

Apple's Record Breaking Weekend In Context

Apple keeps one-upping itself.

Facebook Billionaire Sheryl Sandberg Is Now A Comic Book Star

Female Force.

Obama Is 'Obviously Concerned' That An Intruder Was Able To Make It Inside The White House

How did he get in the front door?

It's Amazing How Badly Fox Screwed Up Joss Whedon's 'Firefly'

Gritty realism.

The 20 Best Places To Live In America

Quality of life.

This Solar-Powered 3D Printer Could Turn The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Into Furniture While At Sea

Cleaning up the ocean, one chair at a time.

PHOTOS: Airbus Is Teaming Up With An Aeronautics Company To Create This Beautiful Supersonic Business Jet

It's sleek and speedy.

REPORT: The iPhone 6 Is Way More Popular Than The iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus considered a 'niche' product.

Relatives Of The Hunt Family, A Mother And 3 Children Killed By Their Dad, Pay Tribute To All Five People Lost

A lesson in love and forgiveness

VIDEO: The Weirdest Thing You'll See Today Is This New Guinness World Record

Hundreds dress as Batman.

Why This Swiss Watch Costs $US1.1 Million

Doesn't have to be dripping in diamonds.

This Startup Sounds Like A Giant Eye Roll -- Here's Why It Could Actually Blossom Into A Massive Business

The latest craze in Silicon Valley.

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