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HP CEO Meg Whitman makes the whole company follow the advice in this book

How do you manoeuvre and lead such a huge team?

Tim Cook on privacy: 'We shouldn't give in to scare-mongering'

"A basic human right."

There's an unprecedented building boom in the South China Sea

Look how ugly these 9 popular websites used to be

Old photos of yourself are often cringe-worthy. Old photos of your favourite websites can be too.

Warren Buffett says he's found his successor, and in some ways 'this person will do a better job than I'm doing'

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Warren Buffett, the...

No one could see the colour blue until modern times

This isn't another story about that dress, rather it's about the way that humans see the world.

This is the main reason video games are so much better today than they were years ago

Bungie's "Destiny" was the most...

This might be the most gorgeous Google-powered smartwatch yet

Chinese smartphone maker Huawei just unveiled...

The golden age of gas is arriving

Once upon a time, in a world in which oil was...

Who's running Microsoft these days? Satya Nadella's brain trust

A lot has changed since Satya Nadella took over...

We asked a bunch of fitness experts about the Apple Watch -- here's what they had to say

Health and fitness are two of the biggest areas...

Next-of-kin consent is the key to increasing organ donations in Australia

Australia has a low rate of consent.

The last ice age was too cold even for emperor penguins

The impact of climate change.

Why Target forgot its formula for success

At one of Target's shops in downtown Chicago...

The euro zone is turning a corner

The latest episode of Greece's debt crisis has...

Astronaut gives a heart-warming send off to Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy, famous for his role as Spock -- ...

The unusual items that Mark Cuban, Oprah, and 10 other successful people have in their offices

We all have our idiosyncrasies.

VIDEO: Margot Robbie schools Jimmy Fallon in a drinking game

He never stood a chance.

Australia will lead a trial of new global aircraft tracking system which halves current reporting time to 15 minutes

Keeping a close eye on planes.

Victoria wants to ban unvaccinated children from child care

No jab, no play.

A young boy was crushed in his sleep when a falling tree hit his house during a storm in Victoria


A cyclist has died in the Tour De Hills cycling event

Sad news for charity cycle.

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