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What's Happening

Michael Clarke is retiring from one-day international cricket

The Pup want to save himself for Test matches.

Hillary Clinton deleted everything on her email server

There are no longer any copies of tens of...

Behold! The Mercedes-Benz pickup truck!

Mercedes-Benz is building a pickup truck! Yes...

Slack's security breach may be worse than it's letting on

Earlier today the work-based chat application revealed it had been hacked.

Here's a simple, effective strategy for navigating a career change

The data around job transitions is pretty bonkers.

'The Walking Dead' spinoff will be called 'Fear the Walking Dead'

Get ready!

REPORT: The federal government is planning a bank bail-out tax in the May budget

Not too big to fail.

Tesla is in trouble

A lot of pressure.

Here's a quick summary of the infrastructure at stake in today's NSW election

Poles, wires, disruption and property.

Scientists whose research questions the safety of farm chemicals want protection from 'political retaliation'

(Reuters) - An environmental activist group has...

Chevron just sold its entire stake in Australia's Caltex in a record-breaking deal

PERTH (Reuters) - U.S. energy giant Chevron...

Apple Watch app developers are facing a load of really weird problems

"It's been a fun challenge."

Hedge funds don't want to be called hedge funds anymore

It's all about image.

Microsoft buys, shuts down a tiny startup

Microsoft has acquired and started the process...

It's time to start worrying about what Russia's been up to in Latin America

Russian influence is back in Latin America in a...

The astronaut who will spend year in space will drink 730 litres of his own sweat and urine

Fun fact.

Unboxing: Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

VIDEO: Samsung's much anticipated Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have arrived.

Here's how Ellen Pao reacted to her loss

After losing her discrimination lawsuit against...

The military has released videos of the US pounding ISIS targets around Tikrit

US Central Command (CENTCOM) has released...

The US is worried about Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard training Houthi rebels in Yemen

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States is...

Twitter says #ThankYouEllenPao

The jury has ruled against Ellen Pao in all...

Mike Baird texted a bunch of NSW voters on Friday night

But caused a few cases of FOMO.

Kleiner Perkins celebrates its victory while Ellen Pao thanks her supporters

Final verdict is in.

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