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What's Happening In Tech

10 things in tech you need to know today

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Cisco scored a major win against hated rival Arista, and has 'shown no interest in settling'

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Yes, the click farms on HBO's 'Silicon Valley' are a real thing and they aren't going away

The CEO candidate of $3 billion Docusign reportedly bailed at the last minute to join Google

This simple extension can make Google Chrome run smoother

Meg Whitman is reorganising Hewlett Packard Enterprise, just 9 months after HP split in two

Sonos just fixed the most annoying thing about its iPhone app

A scientist installed cameras around 'no trespassing' signs at a beach to see how people reacted and was pleasantly surprised

Satya Nadella has made huge progress with a company that was once Microsoft's biggest threat

Why Google would want to build its own phone