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What's Happening In Tech

China Investigates Four Microsoft Offices For Alleged 'Antitrust' Activity

The Chinese government has made surprise visits...

Cisco Executive: An Internet Troll Is Ruining My Life And Now I'm Fighting Back

What if you woke up one day and found that...

One Of The Creators Of AOL Instant Messenger Pivoted His Next Company So Effectively That It Just Raised $US7.5 Million

When you think wistfully back to your years of...

A 24-Year-Old Allegedly Used A Simple-But-Brilliant Scam To Cheat Apple Out Of $US300,000

Sharron Laverne Parrish Jr., 24, allegedly...

Uber Brings Its SUV Fleet To NYC

Remember when you used to have to get two Ubers...

How The IWatch Could Be Apple's Secret Weapon For Mobile Payments

In addition to health and fitness, Apple's iWatch could make it much easier to make payments on the go.

The Inside Story Of 'Timberman,' The Viral Tree-Chopping Arcade Game Whose Creator Still Can't Afford The Train Into Work

A week ago, over 1.5 million people had...

The Inventor Of 'Yo' Has Dumbed Down Snapchat With New Camera App 'Mirage'

Moshe Hogeg, the brains behind viral...

Instagram May Face Legal Trouble Over Its Rumoured 'Bolt' App

Rumours were floating around last week that said...

THE BEACONS FAQ: It's Time To Set The Story Straight About Beacons And Apple's IBeacon System

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about beacons.

Amazon Might Launch Its Own Square-Competitor In August

Amazon may soon launch its own credit card...

REPORT: Google May Be Testing A New Feature To Make Its Search Results Even More Helpful

Google may add an interactive timeline for events and results.

Amazon Just Opened A 3D Printed Products Store To Bring You Countless Customisation Options

Dying to customise some cufflinks? Amazon just...

There Was A Hack That Would Show You Your Secret Uber Passenger Rating, But Uber Shut It Down

You may know Uber passengers can rate their...

We Just Got A New Sign Apple Is Embracing Bitcoin

Apple has taken another step toward welcoming...

Microsoft's Latest Ad Bashes Siri For Not Being As Smart As Its Own Virtual Assistant

With its latest ad, Microsoft is out to convince viewers that Cortana is much smarter than Siri.

Here's The Really Weird Thing About The Facebook Page For Apple's IPhone

Apple lets this vast reservoir go to waste.

Apple Will Buy Swell, A Personalised Radio And Podcast App, To Give ITunes A Shot In The Arm

Apple is close to acquiring Swell, a...

A Tech-Savvy Central European Country Has Embraced Bitcoin Like Nowhere Else

BUCHAREST (Reuters) - In a well-lit office with...

10 Things In Tech You Need To Know This Morning

Here is everything you need to know before your first meeting of the day.

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