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What's Happening In Tech

10 Things In Tech You Need To Know This Morning

Good morning! It's the start of the month, so...

A Startup Is Working On 'Dunkable' Phones And Tablets

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - P2i, a technology...

Here's What's Happened To All The Rental DVD Stores In Australia

Block busted.

Scientists Are Working On A Vision-Correcting Tablet Screen That Would Replace The Need For Reading Glasses

Put the glasses away.

EBay Released Its Diversity Numbers, And They're Better Than Some Other Companies In Silicon Valley

eBay is the latest Internet company to release its diversity statistics, and the numbers are slightly better than those of some other tech firms.

There's A Crowdfunding Campaign To Raise Money For Israeli Soldiers In Gaza

At least one crowdfunding site is willing to...

Apple Built An Online Highway For Your Downloads -- And It's Massive

Apple has built up a massive internet...

This Aussie Startup Entrepreneur Just Got A Huge Pat On The Back From Sir Richard Branson And Steve Wozniack

Very cool.

Facebook Made The Tiniest Design Change To Its Website -- See If You Can Even Spot It

Facebook made a very small change to its website. Can you tell what it is?

A Startup CEO Just Summed Up The Tremendous Pressure Of Silicon Valley In One Sentence

Silicon Valley is a stressful place and few...

Here's Why Working At Apple Is A Dream Job

Apple can be a tough place to work. Employees...

Alibaba Invests $US120 Million In A Gaming Company That's Now Valued At $US1 Billion

Mobile gaming company Kabam announced on...

FINALLY: The Employee Share Scheme Australian Startups Hate Is Being Thrown Out


MongoDB Has Poached One Of Oracle's Top Engineers

Thirty-year Oracle veteran Roger Bamford has...

A Thief Stole A Man's Google Glass In NYC And Didn't Realise His Day Of Beer-Drinking And Raving Was Being Recorded

On Tuesday, a man named Mike Geller wore Google...

It's Pretty Clear Right Now That Apple Is Winning The War With Samsung

Samsung fighting battles at both ends.

This E-Commerce Company Threw Their Exiting CEO The Most Epic Send-Off Ever

When Mark Sebba, CEO of e-commerce giant...

LIVE: LinkedIn Beats On Earnings, Stock Is Up

LinkedIn just announced its Q2 earnings! Here...

Congress Just Fixed A Crazy Law That Made Unlocking Your Cell Phone A Crime -- But There's A Catch

Soon, the government won't be able to throw you...

Scammers Are Using Sexts To Extort Thousands Of Dollars From Online Dating Users

Online dating users in Florida are experiencing...

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