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What If Google Is Actually *Weak* In Search?

Google is the big, bloated incumbent, ripe for disruption by new, leaner, quicker startups who realise that search isn't about your mum sitting with her laptop typing "new shoes" into a text box.

What's Happening In Tech

Tech Billionaire Marc Benioff Is Not Impressed By Mark Zuckerberg's $US1 Billion Gift To Charity

Benioff implied in an interview with San Francisco Magazine's Jon Steinberg that the Zuckerberg's donation was more like a tax write-off than a genuine effort.

Collective CEO Joe Apprendi Tells Us When He'll Go For An IPO

"We want to be one of those companies that can meet and beat expectations when we do decide to public, if that's the best path."

This New Fellowship Is Trying To Get New York's Tech Talent To Solve Some Of The City's Most Meaningful Problems

If you've been paying any attention to the news...

The Netflix-Comcast Deal Led To A Serious Speed Increase For Netflix

Netflix's deal with Comcast has led to a...

A New Trend Is Quietly Emerging On Twitter -- And It Will Give You New Hope For America's Teenagers

It hasn't been a banner week for teenagers on...

San Francisco Billionaire Wants Tech CEOs To Give Money To The City's Poor, But One-Third Say No

When CEO Marc Benioff asks tech...

This Is The Behaviour On Pinterest That Makes The Social Network So Attractive To Marketers

Pinterest is particularly attractive to design-focused retailers looking to target high-income women.

Here's A Photo Of Rupert Murdoch Wearing An Oculus Rift

A lot of people are passing around this photo...

This Startup Is Releasing An IPad Case That Makes Buttons Magically Appear On The Screen

A startup is releasing an iPad Mini case with technology that allows physical buttons to rise from its screen.

A Waze Exec Says A US Airways Employee Sent Her These Harassing Texts

Julie Anne Mossler, senior director of...

How To Stop Facebook's Video Ads From Automatically Playing

Facebook recently introduced the worst kind of ads to its users.

Honda's Famous 'Asimo' Robot Learned A Bunch Of New Tricks

A lot has changed since its first unveiling.

Facebook Can Now Track Your Precise Location Continuously Through Your Phone

Yes, it's optional. By default the new feature is turned off. You must choose to activate it.

Ride-Sharing Startup Lyft's New Initiative Is Proof That Not All Tech Companies Are Evil

Lyft for Good is the ride-sharing startup's new nationwide program to give back to the community.

These Are The Low-Cost Asian Smartphone Innovators That Pose The Greatest Threat To Apple And Samsung

Xiaomi, Micromax, and others are becoming highly competitive with Apple and Samsung.

How Google Totally Botched The Release Of The Most Exciting Consumer Tech Product Since The IPad

A year ago Google Glass was the hottest item in...

Check Out How Much Bigger A 4.7-Inch IPhone Looks Than The Current IPhone

Apple is reportedly going to release a 4.7-inch...

This Company Uses A Robot To Bring Its Employees Beer From The Fridge

Menlo Park-based robotics company Willow Garage...

This Chart Clearly Shows Why IBM Must Change

IBM is a hugely profitable company. But it's...

Zoosk, The Dating Site That's About To Go Public, Relies Heavily On Spam

Dating startup Zoosk recently filed to go...

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