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What's Happening In Tech

Just This Week Reed Hastings Said Amazon Isn't Netflix's Real Competition

Amazon announced this morning that it struck a...

Xiaomi -- 'The Apple Of China' -- Spent Nearly $US600,000 On A Two-Letter URL

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi spent the...

Google Says Glass Is Flopping Because Of Its Limited Roll-Out

Google Glass is suffering because of the way...

Amazon Will Now Offer Old HBO Content For Prime Customers

Amazon and HBO just announced a licensing...

Point-Of-Sale Systems Have Become A Favourite Target Of Hackers

Alipay expands its reach in global e-commerce.

'The Only Thing I Know About Apple TV Is There Are Some Amazing Engineers Working On Apple TV'

Two of the most influential, and plugged-in...

7 Questions Mark Zuckerberg Must Answer On Facebook's Earnings Call Tonight

High drama isn't the same thing as good business, and Zuckerberg ought to answer these questions on his call with Wall Street tonight.

10 Things In Tech You Need To Know This Morning

Good morning! This is the news of the...

IT'S APPLE EARNINGS DAY: Here's What Analysts Are Expecting

Apple reports earnings Wednesday afternoon...

Flash Startup Pure Storage Has Just Landed $225 Million In Funding

Now valued at over $US3 billion.

This Is What It's Like To Work For Billionaire Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen (Absolutely Fantastic)

Oren Etzioni is one of the big names in the Seattle-area tech scene and six months ago, he took a job with Paul Allen.

This Creepy Web App Shows You Just How Much Of Your Life Is Shared On Facebook

Watch your social life unfurl on its page.

Rich Ex-Facebook Exec Is Still Working Because 'I Have Kids And I Don't Want To Be A Douchebag'

He could be relaxing on an island somewhere, full time.

This Story Perfectly Captures Why You Don't Miss Deadlines At Apple

"She slammed her office door so hard that the door knob broke."

Why It Would Be A Disaster If The Supreme Court Banned Aereo

There is just something wrong about the judicial branch ruling that new uses for old technologies are illegal.

Apple Denies Rumours Of A Plan To Allow China Mobile Customers To Pay For Apps On Their Phone Bills

Apple is said to be looking for payments talent.

Apple's Real Earnings Expectations

For years, Apple demolished its earnings...

There's A Restaurant In China Where All The Food Is Prepared And Served By Robots

The Robot Restaurant in...

WhatsApp Is Now Being Used By Half A Billion People Around The World

The app grew by 45 million users since Facebook bought it.

The 6 Basic Building Blocks Of The Things In The 'Internet Of Things'

The components and features that define the Internet of Things.

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