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What's Happening In Tech

Here's Amazon's Content Strategy Explained In One Paragraph

New partnership.

Top Tech And Business 'Thought Leaders' Aren't Taking Advantage Of Twitter [CHARTS]

Many tech and business leaders are pretty mum on Twitter. A few are prolific.

'Growth Hackers' Are In Demand: Here's Who They Are And What They Do

They experiment with ways to hack growth.

Cab Booking Company GoCatch Has An Online Two-Up Game In Time For ANZAC Day

Heads or tails?

Apple Reports A Big Miss On IPad Sales

Apple announced today its iPhone and iPad sales...

Zynga Founder Mark Pincus Just Stepped Down From His Day-To-Day Role

Zynga founder Mark Pincus has stepped down from...

Facebook's CFO Is Stepping Down

Facebook announced today that its CFO David...

After Years Of Rapid Growth, US Mobile Payment Adoption Slows

PayPal mobile enjoys the highest adoption rate among U.S. consumers.

New York's Top Lawyer Is Investigating Whether Uber's Surge Pricing Is Legal

On-demand car service startup Uber has received...

Business Insider Is Looking For An Awesome UI/UX Designer

We're hiring a UI/UX designer to create outstanding interactive designs.

The Buffalo Bills Sent A Fan Too Many Texts, So He Started A $US3 Million Suit

Jerry Wojcik and the Buffalo Bills agreed on a $US3 million settlement after the NFL team sent too many texts.

Etsy Just Bought Boutique Electronics Startup Grand St.

Etsy, the online marketplace for handmade...

This Is What It Would Feel Like To Drown

Apparently I wouldn't survive very long if I fell off a boat without a life jacket.

How Knowledge Of Credit Suisse's Dark Pool For High-Frequency Trading Leaked Out On LinkedIn

Michael Lewis's new book "Flash Boys," which...

Despite A Legal Tussle With EMC, Startup Pure Storage Raises $US225 Million At A $US3 Billion Valuation

The big raise helps Pure Storage lure more employees to join the company, with dreams of an eventual big IPO.

4K TV Is Coming -- And It Will Rollout Much Faster Than HDTV

4K TV prices are already coming down in price significantly.

Here Are The 10 Most Common Mistakes On Tech Resumes

We've rounded up some of the most common mistakes on tech resumes.

Here's A Big Hint That Siri Is Coming To Apple TV

New code appearing in iOS 7.1, Apple's...

Apple's Latest IPhone Ad Gives Us A Hint At How It's Thinking About Future Health Products

Apple unveiled a new iPhone ad last night.

The Coolest T-Shirt Website Just Got A Little Cooler With New Perks For Artists

Meet Jake Nickell, founder of the clever e-commerce site, Threadless.

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