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What's Happening In Tech

Whisper Responds To Damaging Accusations And Places Employees Involved On Leave

Anonymous secret-sharing app.

15 Brilliant Quotes That Show The Genius Mind Of Box CEO Aaron Levie

One of the most-watched Valley CEOs.

Beats Music Will Become Part Of iTunes Next Year

Shut down and relaunch.

Elon Musk Thinks Sci-Fi Nightmare Scenarios About Artificial Intelligence Could Really Happen

Warns of the dangers.

Microsoft's PR Boss Had A Funny Response To Google's Big News

Google dropped some big news to employees...

The Queen Of England Just Used An iPad To Send Her First Tweet

She tweeted about the "Information Age".

CHART OF THE DAY: Cell Phone Bills Are Up 50% Since The IPhone Was Invented

Despite some recent company efforts to help pay...

Some iPhone 6 Plus Owners Are Reporting A Strange Problem That Crashes Apps And Reboots The Phone

The complaints keep rolling in.

A Google Exec Just Beat The World Record For Highest-Altitude Jump From The Stratosphere

He landed 70 miles from the launch site.

Sam Biddle Is Leaving Valleywag


Apple Made A Move That Could Shake Up The Wireless Industry, But AT&T Is Making That A Little More Difficult

When Apple unveiled its new iPads last week, it...

The FCC Is Planning To Auction Off 'Beach Front Property' In 2016

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission...

7 Of The Coolest Secrets In The Game 'Destiny' And How To Find Them

"Destiny" has been revered as one of the best...

Late Telecom Entrepreneur's $35 Million Hamptons Estate Sells After Just 2 Months

The Hamptons home of late cable and...

#GrammarGate Is A Hilarious Take On The Latest Twitter Controversy

By now you may have heard of an awful...

The Next 'Avengers' Movie Might Demonize Artificial Intelligence All Over Again

Billionaire investor Peter Thiel recently...

E-Commerce Sales Could Top $100 Billion During The Holidays -- Here's What Retailers Need To Know

Mobile is the breakout trend in retail.

Amazon's Fifth Employee Tells The Story Of How Jeff Bezos Recruited Him To Do The Toughest Job At Amazon In Its Early Days

Tom Schonhoff joined Amazon as its fifth...

Comcast To HBO: Good Luck With That Internet Thing!

On yesterday's earnings call, Comcast...

Investors Are Getting Fed Up With Amazon

Amazon delivered disappointing Q3 earnings...

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