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What's Happening In Tech

Amazon looked completely different 10 years ago -- here's what changed over the years

When Amazon launched way back in 1995, the...

Why a girl who was viciously bullied on Yik Yak now believes in the anonymous app's future

Last March, an app called Yik Yak took over...

These two best friends started a fitness revolution for women on Instagram

Two women have inspired hundreds of thousands...

It's going to take a much bigger lawsuit than Ellen Pao's to fight sexism in Silicon Valley

Ellen Pao lost. Pao, the former venture...

What a $20 billion startup looks like when it's just starting out, and everyone thinks the idea is stupid: Here's Airbnb's first-ever pitch deck

Here's what it looked like in its first iteration, as AirBed&Breakfast.

This man built an $18 billion Silicon Valley company -- after the US government almost didn't let him in

Walk into any Walgreens, pop open nearly any...

Facebook's big show this week was all about Facebook. That's a problem

Facebook's F8 event this week was...

Microsoft buys, shuts down a tiny startup

Microsoft has acquired and started the process...

Here's how Ellen Pao reacted to her loss

After losing her discrimination lawsuit against...

Twitter says #ThankYouEllenPao

The jury has ruled against Ellen Pao in all...

Ellen Pao lost, but gender discrimination in tech is real

The jury is in: Interim Reddit CEO Ellen Pao...

Tesla is in trouble

A lot of pressure.

Former Yahoo CFO on Pao trial: Most women I know, including me, face sexism at work

Sue Decker, a former Yahoo exec and Wall Street...

Amazon denies rumours claiming it's on the cusp of a huge acquisition

Amazon denies reports that it's in talks with Net-a-Porter.

Google fires back at the Wall Street Journal over White House meetings: 'Really, Rupert?'

Google just fired off a feisty blog post...

A deal with Uber just saved this startup from raising more money

There are lot of companies out there who want...

Yelp CEO bashes Indiana's new 'anti-gay' law

Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman isn't happy....

Here's the one big advantage YouTube has over Facebook's new video platform

Google should worry a little more about...

IT'S OVER: Ellen Pao loses

Ellen Pao has lost her discrimination case...

Slack, the chatting app for co-workers that's worth more than $1 billion, has been hacked

A few cases of "suspicious activity".

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