This Ad On Twitter Made All The Women In Our Office Furious

Here’s a terrible tweet from ZzzQuil.

The women (and the dudes, too) in our office were furious when they saw this clearly sexist ad. As if a woman loses sleep until her boyfriend proposes. 

It would be one thing if this was a lame tweet from an account most people avoided. But, Zzzquil is buying ads on Twitter forcing this into people’s timelines making it unavoidable.

The pale attempt at humour (we think it’s humour?) immediately generated outrage among followers who have steadily flooded the brand’s mentions with backlash for 19 hours.

“SLEEP LIKE you totally nailed that ad copy, guy from the fifties,” said Twitter user @ChristinaJoy.

“Please join *this* decade,” begged Twitter user @jessrika.

Multiple attempts to contact Procter and Gamble and Publicis Kaplan Thaler, the brand’s advertising agency, have gone unanswered. 

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