Zynga Losing Millions Of Users For Its Most Popular Games

Zynga is losing millions of its daily active users, according to data on AllFacebook.com, dug up by John Sweeney of the Facebook & Zynga Blog.

If you go back one month, CityVille had 21.1 million users. Today it’s down to 19.7 million.

cityville user stats

Photo: AllFacebook.com

Farmville has lost over a million users in a month, going from 13.8 million to 12.7 million:

farmville user stats

Photo: AllFacebook.com

Here’s Mafia Wars, which had a sharp spike at 5.5 million users thanks to a promotion before easing off to 2 million:

mafia wars user stats

Photo: AllFacebook.com

What’s going on here? Zynga’s games come on strong, and then fade out just like any video game. 

It’s another reminder that Zynga is a hits driven business and it needs a new hit to keep its strong momentum going.

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