Zynga's New CEO Don Mattrick's Total Pay Package Is Over $50 Million

mark pincus and don mattrick new ceo of zyngaZynga founder Mark Pincus and new CEO Don Mattrick

Zynga released a filing detailing the pay package for new CEO Don Mattrick. 

In total, he’s getting over $50 million in compensation. 

He’s getting $8 million in cash in year one, and the rest is going to be largely in stock. 

Here’s there details, broken down:

  • Base salary: $1 million.
  • 2013 bonus: Whichever is bigger: Either $2 million, or the average 2013 bonus percentage of Zynga’s other executives. (For instance, if Zynga’s execs average 300% of their salary for their bonus, he would get $3 million.)
  • 2014 bonus: Between $2 million and $4 million.
  • Bonuses after 2014 will be determined by the board. 
  • Signing bonus: $5 million.
  • Make-whole stock grant: He’s getting 8,928,571 shares, vesting over three years. He gets 45.3% of the shares after year one, 45.32% after year two, and the rest after the start of year three. Those are currently valued at ~$30.5 million. If does a good job, they’re worth more. If he does a bad job…
  • Inducement grant: He gets 1,785,714 shares of restricted shares. He also gets an option to buy 7,357,143 shares at the grant price. The options vest as follows: 60% in year three, 20% in year four, 20% in year five.
  • More stock: In 2014, he’ll be eligible for new stock grants. The target value for those grants is $7 million. In years that follow, the board can set new stock grants, but it’s generally going to target $7 million.

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