Zynga’s Latest Attempt To Win Back Users

zynga bingo

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Zynga Bingo, Zynga’s latest game in the Zynga Casino series, is launching in a closed beta starting today.It’s pretty much what you’d expect from a bingo game. You have a card with a bunch of numbers on it. The game then randomly picks numbers. If the number matches a number on your card, you drop a little “daub” onto it.

You have to have 5 daubs in a row, or cover the four corners of the card, to win.

The balls coming out on regular intervals. You have to find those numbers on your card and “daub” it quickly if you want to keep up with everyone you’re playing against.

If you’re looking for a challenge, you can play with more than 5 cards at once. There are power ups that, fore example. let you slap down two daubs at once when you charge up enough energy.

You’ll play against multiple opponents in real time, and any rewards you get from the games help you unlock more collectibles and end up helping you play more bingo.

It’s exactly the kind of low-impact but addicting game Zynga is known for making. It’s wrapped under the Zynga Casino theme, which will include other casino-related games like Zynga Poker.

Zynga has already confirmed that it is looking into online gambling as a new source of revenue, but Nicole Opas, the senior producer behind Zynga Bingo, said she wouldn’t comment on whether it would incorporate gambling into Zynga Bingo.

She also said that there weren’t any plans to introduce anything that you could “take out of the game” just yet — which suggests there won’t be a way to take away any of your winnings into the real world any time soon. Anything you win in Zynga Bingo can only be spent on collectibles for the time being.