Zynga: We Will Be Making More $200 Million + Startup Acquisitions

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[credit provider=”Daniel Goodman / Business Insider” url=”http://www.businessinsider.com.au/author/daniel-goodman”]

Last month Zynga acquired Draw Something app maker OMGPOP for ~$210 million. Even though Draw Something’s daily active users has plummeted since the acquisition, Zynga CEO Mark Pincus doesn’t seem to have any regrets.

In fact, he says Zynga may make a few similarly sized — or larger — acquisition offers over the next three to five years.

“If we ever see breakout opportunities that massively accelerate social gaming at Zynga, we’ll aggressively pursue those, too,” Pincus tells Bloomberg.

Barry Cottle, formerly of Electronic Arts, is the head of Zynga’s Mergers and Acquisitions team. It’s his job to snatch up strategic, fast-growing social gaming companies before anyone else can.

“We have a significant amount of cash, we have no debt, and we have access to debt to be as aggressive as we need to be,” Cottle says. He’s looking to acquire both great teams and great products.

Currently, Zynga has about $1.8 billion in cash on hand to make aggressive moves with.