Zynga Says New York Scion Josh Kushner's Company Is A Ripoff – And Boy Does The Evidence Look Bad


Zynga is suing a big-in-Brazil social gaming company called Vostu.

Zynga says that Vostu has copied “all of our key product features, product strategy, branding, mission statement and employee benefits lock, stock and barrel.”

Vostu was cofounded by New York scion Joshua Kushner, lately an active angel investor.

In its complaint, Zynga lists the dates of its own games’ releases side-by-side with similarly named copycats from Vostu.

Then Zynga produces side-by-screen screenshot comparisons of its games and Vostu’s. 

It’s all very damning. 

Update: Vostu has responded.

The pattern is clear: Zynga launches a game and Vostu comes out with a copy a few months later

Zynga says Vostu even changed its logo to look like Zynga's

We have to say, the similarities are pretty daming.

The icons are in the same order!

The harshest evidence: apparently, Zynga found a CityVille bug in City Mania. Roads don't connect to government buildings.

Zynga says the copying goes well beyond CityVille. This is Cafe World.

Look how similar the game characters are.


Zynga says Vostu even copied its charity initiatives. This is Zynga.org.

This is Vostu.org.

Look! Vostu even copied the Zynga.org logo.

So who's behind Vostu?

Vostu has two cofounders. One is CEO Daniel Kafie. The other is Joshua Kushner -- the angel investor best known for his family ties. Ivanka Trump is his sister-in-law; New York Observer owner Jared Kushner is his brother. New Jersey real estate magnate Charles Kusher is his father.

What does Vostu think about all this?

Don't know. Vostu refused to comment. Update: Here's Vostu's response--basically it's denying everything.

A source sympathetic to the Vostu side, however, brought up two counterpoints to Zynga's claims:

  • Zygna, said this source, has been trying to buy Vostu for a while. This is all just an effort to drive down the price.
  • Zynga is itself a big time copycat. This is the pot calling the kettle black, says the Vostu sympathizer.

Wondering why Facebook games are such a hotly contested business?

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