Zynga Made Up 12% Of Facebook's Revenue Last Year But, One Year Prior, The Two Were 'Very Prepared To Break Up'

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Photo: PandoDaily

Sarah Lacy recently had a fireside chat with Mark Pincus, the CEO and founder of Zynga. She asked him about Zynga’s relationship with Facebook.Now, the companies are great partners. Zynga accounted for 12% of Facebook’s 2011 revenue, according to Facebook’s February S-1 filing. Pincus is also a Facebook investor.

But the two companies weren’t always on solid ground. Lacy asked Pincus how bad things got between Facebook and Zynga in 2010.

He replied: “Both companies were very prepared to break up. To go their own ways. We were prepared to take our games off Facebook and they were prepared to not have our games.”

Lacy asked what saved the partnership. “I think Mark and I sat in a room until very late at night, because he stays up late, and we both said, ‘We think this is in the best interest of our users and our companies and we just have to figure out how to make a partnership work.’ At the end of the day we said we trusted each other,” said Pincus.

As for his relationship with Mark, Pincus says he and Facebook’s founder are good friends. “I trust him and I trust that he’s going to stay true to Facebook’s mission,” says Pincus. “I think that’s the only thing you can count on.”

Here’s the clip from Lacy and Pincus’ interview, via PandoDaily:

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