Zynga Spends $1 Million To Launch A New Tech Accelerator

ZyngaZynga has agreed to invest $1 million from its philanthropy fund, Zynga.org, to create a new accelerator for education tech in San Francisco, Zynga announced today.

The accelerator is being run with the NewSchools non-profit venture fund, which has had many big-name backers including The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Walton Foundation.

Zynga.org and NewSchools have already selected a handful of emerging ed tech companies to join the accelerator’s first class, which kicks off this summer.

The companies accepted so far are Kidaptive, LocoMotiveLabs and Motion maths. They have all launched learning games and apps already.

Edmodo, a social learning platform for education with 19 million users, has signed on as a charter partner, too.

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