Zynga Delaying IPO Until November — Report

mark pincus zynga

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Zynga is delaying its IPO until November, the Post reports citing several sources. There are two reasons: bad markets, and an SEC probe. 

The IPO markets are indeed choppy, given the problems with European debt. 

As for the SEC, it doesn’t like the way Zynga states its bookings and revenue (it recognises virtual goods revenue over a period of time), and wants Zynga to disclose more details about how few of its users pay for its games

This isn’t so bad for Zynga, which is profitable and can afford to wait a bit for the big exit. It might be a bigger problem for other IPO-hungry companies; especially Groupon, which is running low on cash.

(Update: A Groupon rep writes us to say “Groupon has plenty of cash to fund operations and as noted in our registration statement, we do not need cash from the IPO to fund ourselves over the next year.”)