Check Out How Nervous And Excited This Alleged Insider Trader Was Before His Hedge Fund Interview With "The Big Guy"

Former Incremental Capital and Galleon trader Zvi Goffer (or “Octopussy”) is currently on trial for insider trading.

(Click here to see exactly what he’s charged with.)

And similar to the trial of his former boss, Raj Rajaratnam, also for insider trading, Goffer’s case relies heavily on wiretaps, like this one below, of Zvi Goffer talking excitedly to his colleague (who is also charged with insider trading), Jason Goldfarb.

The call took place just after Goffer got an email with an interview request from from someone at Galleon, probably Raj Rajaratnam himself, whom Goffer calls, “the big guy.” Check out how nervous and proud he is after getting the interview. He can’t even talk straight. 

This is just another thing that goes to show how far Raj’s fall from the top was.

Um, I, remember I told you I was interviewing with the big guy?

And remember I told you like after December 31 I would, I would send it right over to him and so I, you know, I get sent, I sent it over to him after, literally after the, after the market closed on Monday. And you know he basically said to me then he’s like look it, if everything I told him was true then he would offer me a spot right away. And so literally I just, I-I-I just checked my emails, you know, I got in at seven this morning and there was nothin’ but just like 10 minutes ago it came in. He’s like, you know he- he’d like to talk to me some more. You know, you know, say he said he looked over my numbers and everything was good. Um so he’s like you know so when can you come in, you know, to seriously talk. And I’m like I can come in anytime. So he’s like can you come in today? I was like ‘yeah’. So I’m gonna go into him later today. But it looks, you know, guys like him they don’t ask for you unless, you know, unless they really wanna offer you something. So it looks like I’m gonna be offered the job there, which is huge.

Later in the day (January 2, 2008), after the interview (he gets the job), the two have another excited conversation. Goffer can’t contain how pumped he is to have so much money to play with.

He also tells Goldfarb thank you, presumably for being the reason that his returns are so good. Goldfarb acknowledges the thank you. He says, “part of the reason why you’re able to do this is ’cause of us, exactly.”

Here’s more from their conversation:

Later in the day (January 2, 2008), after the interview, the two have another excited conversation. Goffer can’t contain how pumped he is to have so much money to play with. He also thanks Goldfarb for helping him get the job.

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