Zune Tries Buying Digg Love, Gets Squat (MSFT)

Microsoft’s Zune is helping pay the bills for Revision3’s “Diggnation.” What’s Microsoft (MSFT) getting in return? A 7-minute infomercial for the Zune recorded by hosts Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht.

If anyone can help give the Zune a shred of nerd cred, it’s the Diggnation dudes, who have the most rabid of rabid fan bases — and even better, Albrecht insists that he genuinely likes the non-iPod killer… Alas, no dice: The YouTube version of the infomercial has a mere 856 views since it was posted last week.

Not surprising: Revision 3 CEO Jim Louderback tried to plug the Zune as sponsor of the Digg NYC Meetup in June, in true Digg fashion he was drowned out with boos.

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