Mark Zuckerberg shared this video of his 'crazy virtual reality' where 'you can experience anything'

There’s no question the next big thing that’s coming to entertain you is virtual reality.

But when you see people with those bizarre looking masks on, VR looks like it’s an isolating experience: like you’ll be hanging out with imaginary friends in your own little world all alone:

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg hoped to dispel that lonely notion during a presentation in California on Thursday. That’s when he showed off the latest version of Facebook’s next generation VR headset, Oculus Rift.

The presentation was all about how you can use Rift to hang out with real, but far away, people exploring fantasy VR worlds together. Or, if you prefer, you can play card games with them, or have work meetings.

When you enter the VR world, those real people look like cartoons (at least for now), but if you can overlook that, you can see how Facebook has focused on things like facial expressions and gestures.

Zuckerberg posted a five-minute video of the presentation to his Facebook page explaining:

“Here’s the crazy virtual reality demo I did live on stage at Oculus Connect today. The idea is that virtual reality puts people first. It’s all about who you’re with. Once you’re in there, you can do anything you want together — travel to Mars, play games, fight with swords, watch movies or teleport home to see your family. You have an environment where you can experience anything.”

Check it out:

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