Randi Zuckerberg Has Opened Up Shop 3 Minutes Away From Facebook’s Headquarters

Zuckerberg Media and Facebook Headquarters

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Since leaving her job as director of marketing at Facebook in 2011, Randi Zuckerberg has been working on launching her own media-production firm, Zuckerberg Media.Randi is the older sister of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who famously cajoled her to leave a Madison Avenue career to become one of the social network’s earliest employees.

But she’s been running her company from her living room for some time.

Now she’s opened up a 12,000-sq. ft. studio with two sound stages, a control room, audio booth, and other fittings. The idea is to do the kind of video productions she did at Facebook, where she emceed election coverage and brought high-profile guests to Facebook’s campus.

Speaking of Facebook’s campus: We couldn’t help notice Zuckerberg Media’s location. While her publicist describes the office as “in the heart of Silicon Valley,” it is not, in fact, particularly close to Valley startup hubs like downtown Palo Alto or Mountain View, or to the clusters of office parks in Santa Clara and north San Jose that define the tech landscape.

It’s right next door to a moving firm in an unremarkable strip mall north of Highway 101.

What it is exceptionally close to: Facebook headquarters, which are situated in the former Sun Microsystems campus at the north end of Menlo Park. It’s 0.6 miles, or a three-minute drive.

Which makes it a curious choice, if the point of starting her own company was announcing her independence from her brother’s company.