Zuckerberg Is A Better CEO Than Tim Cook, According To Employees

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook

[credit provider=”Reuters/Kimberly White”]

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is the best CEO, according to employees who rated him on career site Glassdoor.com.99% of almost 400 employees that used the site approve of the job Zuck is doing.

In comparison, Apple CEO Tim Cook has a 93% approval rating from about 1,900 Apple employees on Glassdoor.

That’s puts Cook at No. 18 on Glassdoor’s overall list of the 50 Best CEOs, released today.  It also makes him No. 12 if the list is limited to just tech CEOs.

Here’s the top 15 best tech CEOs as ranked by employees.

No. 1: Zuckerberg, 99% approve

No. 2: co-CEOs Bill McDermott & Jim Hagemann Snabe, SAP, 99% approve (by 315 employees)

No. 3: Frank D’Souza, cognisant Technology Solutions, 96% approve (about 1,800 employees)

No. 4: Joe Tucci, EMC, 96% approve (over 700 employees)

No. 5: Paul Jacobs, Qualcomm, 95% approve (about 600 employees)

No. 6: Larry Page, Google, 95% approve (over 500 employees)

No. 7: Mark Templeton, Citrix Systems, 95 approve (over 300 employees)

No 8: Marc Benioff, Salesforce.com 94 approve (over 400 employees)

No. 9: Jen-Hsun Huang, NVIDIA, 94% approve (345 employees)

No. 10: Jeff Bezos, Amazon, 93% approve (over 1,200 employees)

No. 11: Hans Vestberg, Ericsson-Worldwide 93% approve (almost 500 employees)

No. 12: Tim Cook, Apple, 93% approve (666 employees)

No. 13: Paul Otellini, Intel, 91% approve  (1,625 employees)

No. 14: Tom Georgens, NetApp, 91% approve (under 300 employees)

No. 15: Brad Smith, Intuit, 91% approve, (under 300 employees)