Zuckerberg Is A Better CEO Than Tim Cook, According To Employees

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook

Photo: Reuters/Kimberly White

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is the best CEO, according to employees who rated him on career site Glassdoor.com.99% of almost 400 employees that used the site approve of the job Zuck is doing.

In comparison, Apple CEO Tim Cook has a 93% approval rating from about 1,900 Apple employees on Glassdoor.

That’s puts Cook at No. 18 on Glassdoor’s overall list of the 50 Best CEOs, released today.¬† It also makes him No. 12 if the list is limited to just tech CEOs.

Here’s the top 15 best tech CEOs as ranked by employees.

No. 1: Zuckerberg, 99% approve

No. 2: co-CEOs Bill McDermott & Jim Hagemann Snabe, SAP, 99% approve (by 315 employees)

No. 3: Frank D’Souza, cognisant Technology Solutions, 96% approve (about 1,800 employees)

No. 4: Joe Tucci, EMC, 96% approve (over 700 employees)

No. 5: Paul Jacobs, Qualcomm, 95% approve (about 600 employees)

No. 6: Larry Page, Google, 95% approve (over 500 employees)

No. 7: Mark Templeton, Citrix Systems, 95 approve (over 300 employees)

No 8: Marc Benioff, Salesforce.com 94 approve (over 400 employees)

No. 9: Jen-Hsun Huang, NVIDIA, 94% approve (345 employees)

No. 10: Jeff Bezos, Amazon, 93% approve (over 1,200 employees)

No. 11: Hans Vestberg, Ericsson-Worldwide 93% approve (almost 500 employees)

No. 12: Tim Cook, Apple, 93% approve (666 employees)

No. 13: Paul Otellini, Intel, 91% approve  (1,625 employees)

No. 14: Tom Georgens, NetApp, 91% approve (under 300 employees)

No. 15: Brad Smith, Intuit, 91% approve, (under 300 employees)

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