Zuckerberg: I'm Sorry. Go Ahead And Turn Beacon Off*

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has posted a long mea culpa on his site. Upshot: We/I screwed up, and I’m backing away from Beacon.

We and others have requested that Zuck make Beacon fully opt-in, and he’s not quite doing that. But he’s getting closer. You can now turn the thing off altogether – if you know where to look:

Last week we changed Beacon to be an opt-in system, and today we’re releasing a privacy control to turn off Beacon completely. You can find it here. If you select that you don’t want to share some Beacon actions or if you turn off Beacon, then Facebook won’t store those actions even when partners send them to Facebook.

We don’t think this makes Facebook’s Beacon problem go away altogether, because Beacon still isn’t truly an “opt-in” program. It’s default mode is still “on”, and you need to know that there’s an off button — and know where to find it — to make it go away. But this should help douse the flames a bit.

On a side note, we get that Zuck sees himself as a Steve Jobs-like character. But titling his post “Thoughts On Beacon” –  a clear copy/homage of the Apple (AAPL) chief’s Februrary memo on DRM – seems a bit much.

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