Zuckerberg: Facebook Users Better Like Ads

Turns out we weren’t completely right about the no-press policy at Foursquare, Quadrangle’s “Sun Valley East” conference that’s finishing up at the Pierre Hotel today. One reporter has been granted permission to file from the event: Portfolio.com’s Sam Gustin.

More precisely, Sam was allowed to report during Mark Zuckerberg’s presentation today (we gather this arrangement is a product of Portfolio/Conde Nast’s sponsorship of the event). You can read Sam’s full report here. Highlights:

• Facebook users who don’t like the site’s new ad-infused strategy are out of luck: “There is no opting out of advertising,” Zuckerberg said, adding “The ads are going to feel like content to a lot of people.”

• Zuckerberg repeated Facebook’s line that they’re not officially opposed to Google’s “OpenSocial” alliance: “If it does really well, we may want to participate in it.”

• Sam also recounts a potentially tense encounter between Zuckerberg and Google’s Sergey Brin, and confirms via Facebook CFO Gideon Yu that the company is still looking to raise up to $260 million. Portfolio

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