9 quotes from Mark Zuckerberg's first interview when he was 20 years old

Facebook turned 12 this week, and while many are speculating what the Facebook of the future will look like, an interesting piece of its past has recently resurfaced.

In June 2004, four months after “TheFacebook.com” launched, Harvard’s student newspaper, The Crimson, did a profile of creator Mark Zuckerberg.

He had just turned 20.

Years before he would become one of the wealthiest people in the world, Zuckerberg gave the interview while packing up his belongings at the end of the semester, casually answering questions about his first major software project that he developed in high school, which he declined to sell for $2 million, and his future plans.

What makes the entire interview worth reading is the fact that Zuckerberg’s thoughts are unfiltered, without a PR handler hovering nearby. And although his opinions may have changed over the past 12 years, many of the same traits — confidence, humour, and curiosity — are all still very apparent.

'Half the things I do I don't release. I spent five hours programming last night, and came up with something that was kind of cool, showed it to a bunch of my friends, and the rest of campus will never know about it.'

Justin Sullivan/Getty

'I don't really know what the next big thing is because I don't spend my time making big things. I spend time making small things and then when the time comes I put them together.'

David Ramos/Getty Images

'I’m just like a little kid. I get bored easily and computers excite me. Those are the two driving factors here.'

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On an application he created that synced up multiple computers: 'The original plan here, which I actually got too lazy and never ended up executing, was to get everyone at Harvard to play the same song at the same time. I thought that would be really funny.'

Mark Zuckerberg via Facebook

'I do stuff like this all the time. The Facebook literally took me a week to make.'

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images (File)

'I just like making it and knowing that it works and having it be wildly successful is cool, I guess, but I mean, I dunno, that's not the goal.'

Win McNamee/Getty

'... Anyone from Harvard can get a job and make a bunch of money. Not everyone at Harvard can have a social network. I value that more as a resource more than like any money ... I don’t really like putting a price-tag on the stuff I do. That’s just like not the point.'

Mark Zuckerberg / Getty Images

'My goal is to not have a job. Making cool things is just something I love doing, and not having someone tell me what to do or a timeframe in which to do it is the luxury I am looking for in my life.'


'I assume eventually I'll make something that is profitable.'

Justin Sullivan/Getty

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