Zucker: Hulu Sold Out, Still Talking To CBS, Viacom

Want to buy an ad on Hulu? Wait in line, says NBC U CEO Jeff Zucker. Zuck told an ad conference audience that the NBC U-News Corp. joint venture is sold out of ad inventory, for now.

Does that mean Hulu’s a hit? Not exactly. For starters, Hulu execs have kept the ad load on the site intentionally light, showing only one ad per commercial break to avoid driving off users. The main issue: Hulu’s inventory is mainly constrained by the number of eyeballs it gets, and right now it’s doing respectable numbers, but it’s not blowing people away: Hitwise says Hulu was the 18th most popular video site the second week after it launched last month.

The good news for Hulu: The advertisers they do have are paying top dollar. Forrester analyst James McQuivey estimated top shows on Hulu are getting premium rates in the $60 to $70 CPM range.

Zucker said talks continue with CBS and Viacom, which haven’t yet joined the service. CBS, at least, doesn’t seem terribly eager to so do.

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