Here's What's Inside A $24,000 Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

walking dead

And now for something completely different.

Scientific supply company Optics Planet is selling a survival kit for the zombie apocalypse.

It’s called theĀ ZERO Kit (which stands for Zombie Extermination, Research, and Operations, of course) and if you want one, it’ll set you back $24,000.

Sure, it contains gun accessories, but there’s much, much more within.

Here's the full Z.E.R.O. (Zombie Extermination, Research and Operations) Kit

Crimson Trace Zombie Edition Laser Grip

5.11 Tactical Watch

Eotech Zombie Stopper Red Dot holographic sight

A cover for the sight

What they look like in action

Plano Zombie Max ammo box

Crimson Trace full-size Glock laser grip

Otis Technology gun cleaning system

Leupold VX-R ZOMBIE 1.25-4x20mm 30mm Riflescope

Browning Zombie Apocalypse Knife

Zombie practice targets

CC&G Extreme Heavy Duty Swivel Bipod

Pelican 0450 Series mobile tool chest

Eberlestock G4 Operator backpack

OPMOD Professional Range Bag

OPMOD Floating MSR Extreme Gun Case

OPMOD Battle Mug

OPMOD PVS-14 Night Vision Scope

BlackHawk SOLAG Gloves

CamelBak BFM Hydration System (100 oz.)

Thermal Eye x-50 Thermal Imaging Camera

Brunton SOLARIS Portable Solar Panel Battery Charger

SOG Tigershark Elite Knife

Leatherman MUT Multitool

Tactical Assault Gear Vest

Night armour Tactical Pen with 65 lumen flashlight

Streamlight E-Spot FireBox Rechargeable Flashlight

Stanley Personal Protection First Aid Kit

Vero Vellini Premium Rifle Sling

Mako Group Fab defence Handguard

Brunton International Pocket Transit Pro Compass

ESS Profile TurboFan Military/Tactical Goggles

Steiner 10x50 Military Binoculars Laser Rangefinder

Leupold 20-60x80 Mark 4 Tactical Waterproof Spotting Scope

5.11 Tactical Field Ops Watch

Trijicon ACOG 6x48 Dual Ill Riflescope with mount

Safariland 6305 ALS Tactical Holster with Quick Release Leg Harness

Laser Devices DBAL-I2 Dual Beam Laser

Surefire 123A Lithium Batteries

SureFire Benelli M1 Super 90

TAG Releasable Rampage armour Carrier

Oakley Commit SQ Sunglasses

Streamlight TLR-1 HP Rail-Mounted Tactical Flashlight

Lyman 1200 DPS 3 Digital Powder System

RCBS Pro-Melt Furnace

RCBS Pro 2000 Progressive Press

Qorpak Bottle Beakers

Samco Disposable Pipets

Labnette Repeating Pipette P3000

UNICO Shake-It Pipette Shaker

Celestron Professional Biological Microscope

How about a little nostalgia before the end of the world?

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