Naked Model Gets $15,000 After She Was Arrested During 'Full-Body' Paint Exhibition

painted naked girl settlement

Photo: New York Post

A model arrested in Times Square in August 2011 has won a $15,000 settlement from the city in a suit claiming officers wrongly arrested her for public nudity.Zoe West’s year-long suit against the city stems from her participation in a “full-body” painting exhibition in Times Square, the New York Post reported Tuesday.

West’s entire body was covered in paint and she had just taken off her G-string for the finishing touches when police arrested her, according to her lawsuit, which the city has offered to settle for $15,000.

“In order to determine that she was fully nude, you had to get much closer to her than most people get on a first date,” West’s lawyer Ron Kuby told the Post, adding that “public nudity is legal in New York City as long as it’s done for purposes of a performance, exhibition or show.”

West was never charged in the incident.

“Given the police idiocy, one wonders where the boobs really are,” Kuby told the Post.

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