Hilarious Twitter thread that pairs fast food chains with zodiac signs is going viral

Chick fil A 12
Chick-fil-A is Cancer… and might snap one day. Hollis Johnson

It’s about time that astrology and fast food collided. 

Twitter user venuschain took to the platform to share some much-needed truths about the connection between astrology and fast food.

From Burger King to Panda Express, he theorizes, every chain has its corresponding sign — for better or for worse. 

For example, Sonic is Aries:

Panda Express is Taurus:

McDonald’s is obviously a Gemini:

Chick-fil-A is Cancer:

Chipotle is Leo:

Burger King is Virgo, in a particularly harsh estimation of those born between August 22 and September 22:

We’re censoring the tweet here, but it says that Burger King is “always on some weird s—, but still trying, unpopular, sits in the back of the class drawing anime.”

Wendy’s is Libra:

Late-night icon Jack in the Box is Scorpio:

In-n-Out is Sagittarius:

Raising Cane’s, the fastest-growing chain in the US, is Capricorn: 

Taco Bell is Aquarius: 

Censoring this one, due to an overly-accurate take (also, profanity). Taco Bell is “Aquarius, always trying to be innovative, sometimes good sometimes bad, might f— you over.” 

And, finally, Subway is Pisces: 

Hats off to venuschain for illuminating these truths of the universe.