Zipcar Will Be A Natural Fit For Electric Cars


If there’s one place where electric cars seem like a natural fit, it’s rental cars, especially a rental network like Zipcar.

Aimed at urbanites without wheels of their own, Zipcar users only travel about 25 miles per trip. The cars sit around all day waiting for someone to take them on a trip. While sitting idle, the rentals could be getting juiced up.

Indeed, Zipcar is looking into electrics, writes Josie Garthwaite at Earth2Tech. The company is testing 20 EVs this year. By 2012, Zipcar will be testing 400 EVs. While Zipcar’s CEO calls itself the a “terrific platform” for electrics, there’s one glaring problem with getting electrics running with Zipcar: they don’t exist right now.

When they do come into production in the next few years, Zipcar says it will be renting them out.

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