Zipcar CEO Says There's Been ZERO Demand For GM Cars

If you’re a New Yorker or live in a few other urban areas, you’ve probably seen, heard of or used Zipcar. It’s a pretty cool car-sharing service that easily allows folks to pick up a car for a short period of time, drop it off and forget about it, leaving it for the next person. If you want access to wheels in a city, but don’t want the hassle of things like alternate-side parking, breakins, endless tickets and all that stuff, it’s pretty awesome.

The company’s CEO Scott Griffith did a nice segment on Squawk this morning, explaining the business, and the effect services like it could have on total car sales (hint: It’s not good. Griffith estimates that for every three customers they sign up, they could be costing the automakers a sale). And he says that while customers love Toyotas (particularly Scions), Minis and other vehicles, there’s never been a single customer that’s expressed interest in Zipcar renting out GM cars. Maybe that will change with the Chevy Malibu, or if Government Motors can make them hip again. If you have a few minutes, the interview is a nice introduction to this story.

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