Duke's 18-year-old, 285-pound freshman has already shown off his jaw-dropping potential in just 3 exhibition games

  • Duke freshman Zion Williamson showed a glimpse of his substantial potential in Duke’s three exhibition games in Canada.
  • Williamson averaged 30 points, 11 rebounds, and 3 assists per game while showing his incredible athleticism and unique skill set for a 6-foot-8, 285-pound player.
  • Williamson may become a divisive prospect as the season goes on, but he will command attention because of his amazing highlights.

Zion Williamson became an internet sensation in high school for his incredible athleticism and powerful dunks.

Williamson, 18, is a 6-foot-8, 285-pound forward for whom there is almost no comparison in basketball. He’s a skilled ball-handler, a rugged rebounder, and insane finisher around the basket because of his athleticism. He looks capable of playing two or three positions and athletically dominating almost anyone around him.

The No. 2 prospect in the country landed at Duke for his freshman season, and in short time he has already shown the world his incredible potential.

During Duke’s preseason Canada Tour, Williamson has looked about as dominant as expected. He averaged 29.6 points per game, 11.3 rebounds, 3.3 assists, and 1.6 blocks per game while shooting 64% from the field.

First, of course, are the dunks. Williamson had the most impressive highlight reel in high school because of his leaping ability. He showed in the exhibition games that that was no fluke.

Williamson also showed his unique ball-handling ability for his size and his quick second jump.

Where Williamson may be extra deadly is in the open floor. His ability to sky for a rebound, run the break, and finish is reminiscent to Charles Barkley.

What Williamson also showed in these games is a passable jump shot (though it’s still not a strength), a good knack for playmaking and hitting the open man, and general floor awareness. He’s more than just a freakish athlete; he is a solid all-around basketball player who’s elite athleticism can take him to another level.

According to Sports Illustrated’s Jeremy Woo, Williamson will likely become a divisive player among NBA scouts this season for his relative lack of position and the concerns over his physicality. That is, can his body withstanding the pounding it takes with the way he plays.

Nonetheless, if three exhibition games are any indication, Williamson is a player who is going to command national attention, particularly from the NBA level.

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