Zinedine Zidane says Cristiano Ronaldo's bicycle kick was one of the best goals in history -- but he once scored one 'even prettier'

Getty ImagesCristiano Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane.
  • Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo scored an outrageous bicycle kick goal against Juventus on Tuesday evening.
  • Ronaldo’s coach Zinedine Zidane says it was “one of the best goals” in the history of football.
  • But Zidane did not hesitate to add that he once scored an “even prettier” goal than Ronaldo.
  • We have published both goals below. Which is greater? You decide…

Anything Ronaldo can do, “Zizou” can do better.

That is the message Zinedine “Zizou” Zidane, Real Madrid’s manager, gave when asked about Cristiano Ronaldo’s outrageous bicycle kick goal.

It was a shot that created headlines around the world on Tuesday evening, and contributed to a 3-0 victory for Real over Juventus.

In case you needed reminding, here is Ronaldo’s goal.

And this was Zidane’s reaction at the time.

Zidane was asked about Ronaldo’s strike at the post-match press conference on Tuesday evening and the Frenchman told journalists that it “is one of the best goals in history,” according to MARCA.

However, Zidane did not hesitate to add “[but] mine in Glasgow was prettier!”

The 45-year-old is, of course, referring to the jaw-dropping volley he scored against Bayer Leverkusen in the 2002 Champions League final at Hampden Park in Scotland.

Zidane, perhaps, was just joking as he quickly reverted the focus back to Ronaldo’s whopper. “You have to tip your hat to a goal of this quality,” Zidane said. “He does so many things and I’m happy for what he’s achieved.”

In case you forgot, this was Zidane’s goal… but was it better than Ronaldo’s?

With its 3-0 quarterfinal first leg victory over Juventus, Real Madrid takes a massive advantage into the second leg of the clash scheduled to take place on April 11 at the Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid.

Real is now in pole position to progress to the semifinal stage of the competition, next month.

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