Mother-Daughter Duo Say H&M Let A Peeping Tom Get Away

h&m fifth avenue store

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A mother and daughter are suing fashion giant H&M, claiming the store failed to catch a man who was filming women trying on lingerie.Zia Ziprin, 51, and her daughter Aishling Labat, 23, were trying on lingerie at the company’s Fifth Avenue location in Manhattan in 2010 when a man in an adjoining stall filmed them “with a camera or video camera,” The New York Post reported Wednesday, citing a lawsuit filed Tuesday.

From the Post:

As Labat was changing into a negligee, “she saw there was something above the dressing room. She thought it was a security camera but when she reached up, there was nothing there,” her attorney, Ross Rothenberg told The Post. “She started screaming, and he ran from the second story down to the first” and escaped, the lawyer said.

The mother-daughter duo claim they “pleaded with H&M’s security and store personnel” to detain the Peeping Tom. However, he was able to leave the store with the video camera, the women say.

The women are seeking unspecified damages, claiming they suffered embarrassment, fear, and panic, according to the Post.

Ziprin, a fashion entrepreneur herself, owns Girls Love Shoes, a vintage shoe store in Manhattan, according to her LinkedIn page.

The lawsuit was filed Tuesday in Manhattan Supreme Court, but Business Insider could not access the complaint because it had been sealed.

H&M spokeswoman Marybeth Schmitt told Business Insider the company has not yet been served with the lawsuit but doesn’t typically comment on legal matters.

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