It Looks A Lot Like China's Security Head Is About To Be Ousted

Zhou Yongkang China

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Big night for Chinese news.First off, a letter has been circulating on Weibo and other Chinese sites that called explicitly for the removal of the country’s security boss, Zhou Yongkang, and a top propaganda official, Liu Yunshan (searches for any of the terms related to the petition are now blocked on Weibo). The letter clearly accuses Zhou of supporting the ousted Bo Xilai’s more brutal policies, something we’d heard multiple times before.

The original letter can be seen here. We’ve attached a very rough translation (via Google Translate) at the bottom of the post, and its worth reading because of its damning tone.

Perhaps this wouldn’t be so surprising if it wasn’t for the positions of the 16 signers — all retired mid-level Communist party bosses from the province of Yunnan, the New York Times reports, and because Zhou is a member of the nine-member standing committee — the highest echelons of Chines power. This really seems like an unprecendented affront.

Secondly, if reports from the FT’s Jamil Anderlini are true, it seems that Zhou’s time may be up. Anderlini has three senior party members who have told him that while Zhou has retained his title, he has relinquished control of the country’s courts, police, and spy networks.

Zhou’s fate is unclear at present, however. Reports in Reuters seem to disagree with Anderlini, saying that Zhou is “down but not out”, and the New York Times notes that he has been at a number of key events recently

Here’s the letter:

Dear, led by the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Hu Jintao: You are good!

We are Communist Party members, there are some old party members before 1949. We had to join the revolution and the KMT bloody because of unbearable oppression, exploitation, miserable life of slavery; because of dissatisfaction with the rich life of debauchery, the poor and hungry and cold, stinking rich wine and meat, the road frozen dead bones of injustice and social; because of dissatisfaction with people have no right to the mercy of the social system. However, it is regrettable that we create and serve the People’s Republic of China with their blood and lives, is not that Mao has repeatedly promised “democracy, equality, fair, independent, prosperous new China”, but rather than the KMT more brutal decadent old China, more dictatorial imperial system. Mao Zedong ruled 28 years, Mao’s perverse acts wilfully cruel persecution of intellectuals, the rectification anti-rightist campaign , manufacturing shocked the world’s largest literary inquisition, and use of prison torture to physical elimination of many people; he engaged in the so-called “red flags” (ie, general line, the Great Leap Forward, the people’s commune), and turned the peasantry into serfs, resulting in 1959 – 1961 to three years food shortages, and starved to death the people 3800 people; his vain attempt to evolution of the home world of the “Cultural Revolution” party world, but also by the Red Guards, and the hands of the rebels killed a large number of party and state, including Liu Shaoqi, Peng, Peng Zhen, He Long, Luo leaders, including 20 million live life. A result, our country and the nation again and again dragged into the near collapse of the abyss. Mao Zedong’s death, his successor, created a Tiananmen Tiananmen things with and repression of Falun Gong, the stain so that our party overwhelmed, again and again into disrepute.

Three decades of economic reform and opening up, China’s national economy and rapid economic development, people’s living standards improved, this is an indisputable fact. However, due to the weakness of the CPC Central Committee and political thought, not only failed to timely and serious critique of the various crimes of the Cultural Revolution and Mao Zedong to eliminate its pernicious influence, but also long-term “Mao Zedong Thought” as a guiding ideology, and equivocate history for him to cover up sin (such as 2009 Central Propaganda Department and dished out six and why? “fully affirmed the achievements of Mao Zedong’s three major transformation of agriculture, handicraft industry and private business; the party’s 90th birthday celebration, Liu Yunshan without permission to go into a” Long Live Mao Zedong Thought “square – —– and so on), as well as hair of the head continue to mar the Tiananmen Gate, carrion continue to sully the Great Hall of the People. These practices to the extreme left of the Maoists won the right to speak, and openly to the formation of the Maoist Communist Party and the Maoist Workers’ Party, shouted anti-Jiang Qingping, the establishment of a second Cultural Revolution, to overthrow the existing central “go owned camp. ” They tried to stop the reform of the political system, resulting in the reform of the political system is seriously lagging behind, resulting in the running of public power without checks and balances, the rapid spread of the Party and government corruption, collusion and devoured national assets, and appropriation of benefits for people. Especially in the sale of land, real estate development, the forced recruitment, demolitions, eviction counseling intended to plunder more unscrupulous. People suffer, complain nowhere to turn back by the maintenance of stability “to suppress, so enraged, and group events have occurred, as many as two hundred thousand cases as high as last year, the prestige of the party’s sharp decline in ties between the party rapidly deteriorating, emotions were excited jet social unrest. In particular the appointment after Bo Xilai, Party Secretary of Chongqing, Bo Xilai and Zhou Yongkang, and its background plotted under Chongqing into a copy the base of the Second Cultural Revolution, they cost 2700 billion remodeling Mao Zedong portrait the so-called “Red Song” sing, engage in “read point classic” hair “red SMS reproduction during the Cultural Revolution” Red Quotations “red sea”, as Mao Zedong’s autocratic rule and personality cult Evocation; they use under the guise of “anti-” indeed engage in black to play out of nothing, for pretended offenses, torture, mutilation of dissidents, the slaughter of innocents, to snatch the riches, and reproduction of the hair during the “lawlessness”; the name of “stability maintenance”, the purchase of arms, to expand the police force control of the army to prepare for the coup, riots; They also secretly collecting Premier Wen Jiabao and Xi Jinping, the black material, the use of media to create chaos, and its means despicable nature of the poor. In short, all this is Bo Xilai, the Standing Committee of the team to get into, the successor to the Politics and Law Committee secretary, even when the thin Zedong, to reach the goal, and never give up. To this end, in Chongqing, killing dozens of people, hundreds of people were wounded maimed thousands of people were torture, tens of thousands of people being involved, about 10 million people were forced to flee. Once into the often immediately riots, declaration of independence, the troops on the Northern Expedition, to win the national regime. The pile, a quite shocking, shocking! All these are Zhou Yongkang, and their background involved in the planning and actively supports, more pathetic soul-stirring! If it is not unexpected Wang Lijun events, Bo Xilai of Chongqing conspiracy exposed, and subsequently really can not imagine. According to preliminary exposed these facts prove that Bo Xilai all the behaviour is not a general error, but a serious crime, so we fully support the handling decisions of the Central Bo and demanded a thorough investigation of the entire event other responsible person to give the deserved punishment.

Premier Wen Jiabao to know that In addition to the hazards of the Cultural Revolution, errors and feudal vestiges, long to see the corruption brought about by the simple economic reform was not accompanied by political reform, unfair distribution, polarization, and sulked, social conflicts, the Communist Party the leadership of a threat, so many times in his speech at home and abroad called for the initiation of political reform, emphasising the extreme importance of the reform of the political system for the maintenance and expansion of economic reform have been achievements, as well as to consolidate the leadership of the Communist Party. In this regard, we should believe the Standing Committee will be feeling, however, is surprising that these calls in the Standing Committee did not get proper support for the contrary, attracted some of the Standing Committee of the siege. The reason is nothing more than some of the Standing Committee of political thought has been transformed, low moral character, complete loss of the minimum basic quality as the Communists, and to maintain Jiang minority of vested interests and selfish, actually at the expense of the country interests of the people and the nation’s future. We hope that the comrades of the Standing Committee by Wang Lijun, Bo Xilai event to seriously reflect on, lost, return to the right path, keeping the night section, to make good use of the remaining six months time, do more good for the country and the people as much as possible to ensure that 10 eight election of a smooth transition, and promote the smooth start of the reform of the political system, to draw a satisfactory conclusion to their own political career, a praise to their life history, rather than leaving the infamy, more than notoriety. People’s minds there is a lever, the National People are waiting to see. Zhou Yongkang, who both participated in the planning of Bo Xilai, “Chongqing Model”, big waves, actively support with the escape responsibility. We recommend:

  • Replacing Zhou Yongkang hold the post of secretary of the Standing Committee of Political and Law Commission, or ordered to resign by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection investigated;
  • Second, replacing the Yunshan any duties of the Central Propaganda Department, and shall not enter the eighth session of the Standing Committee of the bodies.

Written by:   Yu Yongqing In Zhaotong

Yu Yongqing  Communist Party members        Telephone: 13628708047      

Wu Bo  Chinese Communist Party members              13,312,683,733      

Li Shaokai  Communist Party members              15,987,907,800      

He Zhenfu   Chinese Communist Party members               0870-2237586     

Xie explicit theory of   Communist Party members               15,925,507,019     

Zhao Zhengrong   Communist Party members               13,648,705,479     

Ouyang Xingke Communist Party members               15,187,002,162      

Peng Haijun   Communist Party members               15,987,058,699      

Liu Cheng-side   member of Communist Party                    

Liyun Hong   Communist Party members               13,170,579,399

Deqiang   Communist Party members               13,312,570,947

Luo   Tao,   member of Communist Party               13278649635

HE Hao are   Communist Party members               13,578,004,125

Fu Zhaoshun   Communist Party members               15,308,706,455

Tao Shaokang   Communist Party members               18,987,048,156

Cheng phosphorus   Communist Party members               13,312,539,856

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