Chinese Serial Killer Has Been Killed By Police

Zhou Kehua Chinese FugitiveZhou Kehua

A man considered to be China’s most wanted serial killer was killed by police in a leather factory in Chongqing Tuesday morning.Zhou Kehua was suspected of killing a woman, her companion and a guard. There was also speculation he was responsible for a string of similar crimes in Nanjing going back six years.

Officers followed him early Tuesday morning and a gunfight, in which Zhou died, erupted when Zhou noticed he was being pursued, ChinaDaily reported Tuesday.

Chinese police had previously described Zhou as “ruthless and highly dangerous,” ChinaDaily reported.

Before he was caught, Zhou was the subject of a massive manhunt in the mountains surrounding the area. However, that manhunt was meant to trick Zhou into thinking he was safe, The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.

While most expressed relief Zhou was no longer a threat, some who heard the story expressed scepticism about law enforcement’s version of the capture and wondered whether Zhou had really pulled out a gun.

Local media printed a picture of Zhou laying face down and bloody on the sidewalk. Warning, it’s graphic.

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