Zhang Ziyi To Take Chinese rumour Website To Court Next Week

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Today has been a huge day for Chinese news (perhaps not a coincidence, as many in mainland China are currently travelling for holidays).But if we ignore the Bo Xilai/Party Conference news for a moment, another interesting story has slipped out.

State newspaper People’s Daily writes the Chinese film star Zhang Ziyi will be heading to court for a ‘libel’ case in California next Friday. While the website is not mentioned by name, it appears that the case revolves around rumours first published by the Chinese overseas website Boxun.com in May.

WantChinaTimes reported in June that the founder of Boxun.com was one of 27 defendants named when Zhang filed with American legal powerhouse Glaser Weil.

In May Boxun had published a wild rumour that Zhang, the Chinese star of films such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, had been paid for sex by ousted Communist chief Bo Xilai. The rumour spread fast and eventually ended up in newspapers in Hong Kong — despite a clear lack of evidence.

The Bo link is especially interesting in light of today’s news. Not only was Boxun.com the website that first broke key stories in the Bo scandal, today’s statement on his removal from the Communist Party said that he “had or maintained improper sexual relations with multiple women” — a strange personal detail.

We spoke to the man behind Boxun.com, Watson Meng, in April. His prediction for Bo’s fate is looking pretty accurate right now:

“I think from the information we’ve got, Bo Xilai will lose everything, lose all his titles. He will probably be stranded in jail for the rest of his life.”

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