Harley-Davidson's electric motorcycle has a sleek new rival that has a 200-mile range and can track everything about your rides online

The race to bring electric motorcycles to the market is heating up.

Harley-Davidson, the legendary American biker brand, already has plans to launch its first electric product this year (and has two other concepts in the pipeline). Other companies, like Wing, Alta and more also have models hitting the market.

Now, there’s a new entrant to the race: Zero.

The California-based company launched its first electric motorcycle in 2010, and followed up with the SR/F this month. Here’s a first look at the new bike:

SR/F is the world’s first fully “smart” motorcycle, the company said in its announcement.


The bike’s internet connected system can give the rider real-time alerts about charging, tip-over, or unexpected motion.


The app can also track bike speed, lean angle, power, and more. It also has a “find my bike” function, a la your iPhone.

The nearly $US20,000 bike is loaded with luxury features, like heated hand grips


And the Cypher III operating system with automatic stability control makes staying on control of the bike simple, regardless of speed.


Disc brakes on the front and rear wheels “make shedding speed as effortless as building it,” the company says.


The battery has a 200-mile range, the company says, and can reach a 95% charge in an hour.


The SR/F with a 3 kW Rapid Charger starts at $US18,995, with two free years of the connectivity services included. Premium options, including the 6 kW Rapid Charger will run you $US20,995.


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