The Designer Behind Facebook's Incredible Office Built A Zen-Inspired Space For This Startup

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Photo: Business Insider / Matthew Lynley

We’ve seen some fantastic offices designed by O+A, the firm behind Facebook’s office space.But so far, Zendesk, an provider of software for registering customer service tickets, is one of our favourites.

It just might be a little cooler than Facebook’s office. It has a sort of Asian Zen theme infused throughout.

It’s a huge space just off Market Street in San Francisco — in the heart of tourist country — that Zendesk moved into about 8 months ago.

We stopped by to chat with CEO Mikkel Svane and tour the office.

Here we are, at 989 Market Street. Zendesk's office is on the third floor of the building.

They called it Zendesk because the domain only cost $1,000 and they were bootstrapping the company. This happy Buddha is the logo for the company.

Right after you enter the office you'll see the Dojo, the main conference room for Zendesk.

The whole office is designed around Asian-esque themes. The Dojo is a giant wall that peels open to the left.

Inside there's a big conference room with a television, not a projector. CEO Mikkel Svane hates projectors, he says.

...and this one is named rope. There are others named Satchel and Banzai, and about 15 side rooms overall.

The kitchen corridor runs between the two bullpens. There's just about everything you'd want...

...including a wall of cereal.

Here's the bullpen. Zendesk has more than 200 employees, but not all of them are in San Francisco.

Like any office, each space has its own quirks. This programmer is a fan of Minecraft, a cult-classic indie game.

Marketing and design sits at the back of the room...

...under the careful watch of Amanda Kleha, Zendesk's marketing chief. She's working on making a cool-looking invitation for a party right now.

Here's the office fish — careful, she breathes fire, the employees say. We're not sure if they were pulling our leg.

Zendesk rents out the second floor too. Here is where all the sales and promotion teams hang out.

Right as we get in, they're using a remote helicopter to deliver an emergency food ration.

Looks like a Starburst...

...headed over to two of the top sales people at Zendesk.

The second floor has its own nice kitchen, though it's more of a spot to take a quick break.

The second-floor bullpen stretches on for what looks like a hundred feet. There's tons of sunlight.

There's a board celebrating the new hires at Zendesk. Svane said he wants to grow the staff even more now that Zendesk has enough space.

Looks like not everyone wants to be flooded with sunlight, though.

Svane's office is off to the side, where he has a huge view of the city. It's a great place to sit and brainstorm, he said.

Even Svane's office has its own little quirks.

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