Zara is selling a $30 'turtleneck scarf,' and people are sharing mixed reactions to the design

Zara/@1AbbyRoad/TwitterZara is selling a ‘turtleneck scarf’ that has sparked mixed reactions online.
  • Zara is selling a $US29.90 “turtleneck scarf with long balloon sleeves.”
  • Twitter users have shared puzzled reactions to the piece of clothing, which is meant to be worn as a layer on top of another shirt.
  • Since an initial tweet about the turtleneck scarf with sleeves was posted by user Abigail Barr, it has received 7,000 retweets and 76,800 likes.
  • Barr told Insider she shared the photo of Zara’s garment because she thought it was a funny visual “as we would be paying $US30 for effectively half a sweater.”
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Zara is selling a garment that looks like a pair of sleeves with a turtleneck, and it’s sparking a variety of reactions online — from shoppers who say they would buy it, to people who are baffled by the silhouette.

The fashion brand’s turtleneck scarf with long balloon sleeves comes in cream and black, and it retails for $US29.90 at the time of writing.

The turtleneck piece can be worn as a layering piece over another shirt, which is how it’s shown on the Zara website.

Zara turtleneck scarf on modelZaraThe turtleneck scarf is meant to be worn as a layering piece.

Zara shopper Abigail Barr, who saw the piece at the retailer’s Hudson Yards location in New York City, told Insider that she knew it was meant to be worn as a layering item, but that she thought it was funny to see the garments lined up on a rack.

Barr snapped a picture of the turtleneck scarves on display at the Zara store and shared her reaction on Twitter, writing: “Hey, is Zara ok?”

Since posting her initial tweet on December 17, Barr’s photo has gotten 7,000 retweets and 76,800 likes.

“When I was walking through the store and saw all those pieces lined up, the visual was so funny to me, as we would be paying $US30 for effectively half a sweater,” Barr told Insider.

“I’m in on the joke, as I understood it as a fashion piece,” she said. “I remember when shawls were fashionable. But there was something delightfully unhinged about seeing a bunch of sweaters that, as one of the replies stated, looked like a ‘Looney Tunes’ character ran a hole through them.”

People online have shared mixed reactions to the Zara design

People on Twitter have poked fun at the sweater silhouette, and some have expressed confusion at the design.^tfw

Others have defended the Zara design and stated that they would buy it — or that they already own it.^tfw

Representatives for Zara did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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