The Future Of Zappos: From Shoes To Clothing To A Zappos Airline

What does the future hold for online shoe retailer Zappos? CEO Tony Hsieh tells us his company will make a “big push into clothing” in the coming years.

“We’re doing over $1 billion in gross merchandise sales in footwear, and clothing is four-times the size of the footwear market. So, in theory that should keep us busy until $5 billion…”

Hsieh plans to expand the company in multiple fields as long as Zappos’ outstanding customer service remains intact. His team has even discussed a Zappos airline.


This interview is part of our Inspiring Performers series.

Watch Tony Hsieh’s Full Interview HERE >

Produced by Will Wei & Kamelia Angelova.  

Watch Tony Hsieh’s Full Interview HERE >

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