Zappos' New Las Vegas Office Is Meant To Look Unfinished

Zappos Downtown Las Vegas campus

Photo: Aimee Groth, Business Insider

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh has ambitious plans for Las Vegas. He’s moving his company from suburban Henderson, NV, to downtown next fall, and he’s investing $350 million of his own money to make the city a cool place to live, work and play. Earlier this month, 200 Zappos employees moved into temporary offices just a few blocks from the old City Hall building, which will be its new corporate headquarters (it’s currently in the midst of a $40 million renovation). 

“Amazon knew we were running out of space, and we had to do something,” Hsieh tells us. “I think Jeff Bezos thinks this is a really interesting experiment.” 

We recently visited Vegas to see what Hsieh and his colleagues are up to.

With his $350 million personal investment in downtown Las Vegas, Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh has taken on the role of urban planner.

He's moving Zappos' corporate headquarters to City Hall (that big white building) and developing the land around it and beyond. It will cost $40 million to renovate City Hall.

In the meantime, Zappos has opened up a temporary office for 200 of its employees, just a few blocks from City Hall.

The Carson Building is an open industrial space, with lots of young employees.

Electrical wires hang down from the ceiling, so that it's easier to move desks and furniture around.

There are chalk boards lining the walls of the office, mapping out who sits where.

An employee checks out all the welcome gifts from neighbouring businesses.

There are lots of shoes near the buying and merchandising departments. Zappos employees get a 40 per cent discount on retail items.

Zappos' downtown employees are largely from its marketing, fashion, video, design and tech departments.

Both kitchens are stocked with chips.

And drawers filled with candy and granola bars.

The office is lined with restaurant-style booths for meetings.

Zappos famously pays its employees $4,000 to quit if they don't like their jobs after training.

The conference rooms in the middle of the office are not particularly sound proof. Zappos is known for its transparent culture.

Zappos employees are also known to play hard.

That goes along with the company's core values.

Right now Zappos only occupies two floors in the Carson Building.

All of its 1,500 employees will move to City Hall in Fall 2013.

Now learn more about Tony Hsieh's big plans for Vegas

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