Zane Lowe says he's not sure if Apple even needs its online radio station Beats 1

Beats 1 DJ Zane Lowe has said in an interview that he’s “not sure” that Apple needs its own online radio station, The Telegraph reports.

Apple hired Lowe in February to become the main voice of its Beats 1 online radio station. He previously worked at the BBC for more than 12 years.

But Lowe now says that he’s unsure whether Apple even needs to run a radio station. Lowe was asked on stage at Radio Festival 2015 in London whether Apple needs Beats 1 as part of its Apple Music streaming service. “I’m not sure it does,” he replied.

Lowe went on to explain that Beats 1 is still finding its feet, and also its place within Apple. “We’re working this out, time will tell,” he said. “We’ve been going three months, I don’t have the answers. I hope that there’s a place for it … This is in progress, and over time we’ll find out exactly why [it’s needed].”

The Verge reports that elsewhere in the interview, Lowe justified the experimental nature of Beats 1, which features lots of different celebrity guest presenters. “Right now, we’re three months old,” he said. “And babies make a lot of noise, they look at the world all wide-eyed and they s–t everywhere. That’s kind of what Beats 1 is, it’s very, very new, 13 weeks man, it’s crazy.”

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