A new line of 'Aladdin'-inspired jewellery includes engagement rings that are fit for a Disney princess

ZalesJasmine is said to wear an identical ring in the upcoming ‘Aladdin’ film.

Zales is celebrating Disney’s upcoming live-action “Aladdin” film with a new line of accessories inspired by the movie.

The jewellery retailer unveiled the line on Wednesday as the latest addition to its Enchanted Disney Fine Jewellery line. The collection include 20 pieces inspired by the upcoming live-action remake of “Aladdin,” including some exact replicas of jewels seen in the movie.

Pieces in the line range in price from $US349 to $US5,499, and are sold online and in stores.

Jasmine bracelet zalesZalesThe Diamond Bolo Bracelet retails for $US399.

In a press release sent to INSIDER, a representative for Zales said the “Aladdin”-inspired collection evokes the brand’s aesthetic “through intricate styles that reflect the diverse personalities and qualities of timeless Disney characters.”

One of those characters is Genie, who is embodied through the $US349Filigree Lamp Pendant in 10-karat gold.

Genie necklaceZalesThe Filigree Lamp Pendant is inspired by Genie.

But, while some pieces in the line are simply inspired by fan-favourite characters, others are replicas of jewels worn in the movie – like the $US599 Diamond Arabesque Frame Pendant in 10-karat gold and $US899 Diamond Frame Ring in sterling silver and 10-karat gold.

According to a Zales representative, the company is the first retailer to make and sell pieces of jewellery to resemble the ones in a Disney movie.

Aladdin movie replica jewelleryZalesThis necklace and ring are replicas of jewels seen in ‘Aladdin.’

Items like these, as well as the $US599 Diamond Arabesque Frame Ring in 10-karat gold, were inspired by Jasmine’s costume in the film.

The designs are made with Swiss blue topaz stones and brilliant diamonds, as well as “unique arabesque details which capture the strong-willed, courageous, and adventurous spirit of Princess Jasmine, and the inherent charm of Aladdin,” according to a Zales representative.

Jasmine aladdin ringZalesJasmine is said to wear an identical ring in the upcoming ‘Aladdin’ film.

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Many of the accessories in the collection double as engagement rings, like the $US5,499 Oval Diamond Arabesque Frame Engagement Ring in 14-karat two-tone gold.

Enchanted disney ringZalesThis $US5,499 accessory is one of many engagement rings in the line.

To learn more about the “Aladdin” Enchanted Disney Fine Jewellery collection, visit the Zales website.

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