BMX Rider Lands An Insane Bikeflip Trick At The X Games And Wins Gold

Zack Warden won gold in GoPro BMX Big Air with an unprecedented back flip bikeflip late tailwhip. Warden calls his tongue-twisting, mind-melting move the “Iron Lotus.” He followed the move with a triple tailwhip at more than 13 feet above the 27-foot quarterpipe.

Warden won gold in the same event last month in X Games Brazil; however, at that event he only threw the “Iron Lotus” without the late tailwhip.

The 2013 X Games follows a new format. For the first time, events were held in six host cities. The travelling tour began in Aspen, Colorado before heading to Tignes (France), Foz do Iguacu (Brazil) and Barcelona. Munich will host from June 27-30 and Los Angeles will wrap things up August 1-4.

Here’s Warden’s sick trick (the announcers lose it):

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