Zack Snyder has never seen the theatrical cut of 'Justice League,' and fans won't get a Snyder Cut

Warner Bros.

  • Zack Snyder has never seen the theatrical cut of “Justice League.”
  • Fans who want a Snyder Cut will never see that either. Warner Bros. has “no plans to release any alternate versions” of the movie.
  • Snyder oversaw scenes Joss Whedon wrote and planned to shoot them before departing the movie in post-production.

Some fans have clamored for the “Justice League” Snyder Cut, but Zack Snyder hasn’t even seen the theatrical version.

A representative for Snyder told the Wall Street Journal that he never saw the theatrical cut of the film, which was critically panned and a box office-failure. Snyder departed the film in post-production after the death of his daughter, and “Avengers” director Joss Whedon came in for extensive reshoots.

“Mr. Snyder never watched the version of ‘Justice League’ released in theatres,” the representative told WSJ.

Plenty of fans wish they didn’t either. Fans of the director have called for the “Snyder Cut” since the film’s release, but it looks like that will never happen either.

A senior Warner Bros. executive confirmed to WSJ that the studio had no plans “to release any alternate versions of ‘Justice League.'” But it seems like a Snyder Cut may not have been as different as fans might expect.

People who worked on the film told WSJ that Snyder assembled a rough cut after principal photography, but never intended for it to be released. They also said Snyder oversaw scenes Whedon wrote and intended to direct them himself before having to step away from reshoots.

This indicates that Snyder was on board for taking the film in a different direction until he had to step away.

“Justice League” disappointed at the box office, only taking in $US657 million worldwide, and was decimated by critics, receiving a 40% Rotten Tomatoes critic score. This prompted Warner Bros. to rethink its film strategy. Upcoming releases like this year’s “Aquaman,” and next year’s “Shazam!,” “Wonder Woman 1984,” and “Joker” will distance themselves from the cinematic universe.

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