Zac Efron kissed Simone Biles on the cheek after she won her 4th gold medal

Simone biles zac efronSnapchat/Simone BilesZac Efron and Simone Biles.

Simone Biles has won four gold medals and one bronze at her very first Olympic games. But all that hardware is nothing compared to the kiss she just received from Zac Efron. 

In a video posted to her Snapchat Tuesday afternoon, Efron is seen planting a quick kiss on Biles’ cheek. Apparently he travelled to Rio just to see the gymnast and congratulate her in person.

Biles’ crush on the actor is well-known: The two have been flirting on Twitter almost incessantly. The gymnast recently told People that she thought Efron “very good looks” and that she “heard he’s nice.” She even has a leotard covered with pictures of Efron’s face. 

Now, she’s gotten up close and personal with the real thing. Here is the glorious moment that Efron’s lips met Biles’ cheek. 

And here’s the full vid:

A gold medal and a Zac Efron kiss in one day? Simone Biles truly is an Olympic champion. 

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