Zaarly Just Made It Made Easier For People To Buy Local with Zaarly Anywhere

Bo FishbackZaarly CEO Bo Fishback

The people who brought you Zaarly, an online marketplace that helps users find local providers of services and products, just announced Zaarly Anywhere, which takes its marketplace and spreads it across the Web.The main goal of Zaarly Anywhere is to allow partners—website publishers and app developers—to monetise content, while also providing an easy way for readers to purchase a product or service that inspires them locally. 

The new model is a natural extension of what the original Zaarly offered. Love that gorgeous treehouse picture on The Fancy? Hit the Zaarly button next to the photo and find someone local who can build it for you. 

Besides making it easier for users to turn their online aspirations into a real offline experience, Zaarly Anywhere is giving partner sites a share of the 10% cut Zaarly receives from every transaction.

Zaarly founder Bo Fishback said he’s hoping to sign up “sites that have great communities that are passionate about one thing or another or groups of people that have a skill or are showing off online but don’t have a way to go and monetise that skill or to make money doing what they love.” 

Zaarly is currently collaborating with Cookstr, Everyday Health, IKEA Hackers, Remodelaholic, The Fancy, The Los Angeles Times, and Simplified Building. The company said it has another seven partners lined up to launch soon.

“By partnering up with these sites, we have allowed them to take their really amazing online content, as well as the communities of people, who both produce and consume that product and turn it into offline transactions that actually happen and get people the things they are looking for,” Fishback said.

The company has raised $15.1 million—a $1 million seed round and a subsequent $14.1 million round from Kleiner Perkins and others. HP CEO Meg Whitman, the former CEO of eBay, is on Zaarly’s board.

Here’s how Zaarly Anywhere works on its partner sites:

Everyday Health

Zaarly Anywhere Example



Zaarly Anywhere Example

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