Why South Korea's Yuna Kim Is Supposed To Crush Everyone In Olympic Figure Skating

At the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, 19-year-old Korean figure skater Yuna Kim made history.

Known as the “Queen of the Rink,” she broke three world records during the competition: both the highest scoring short and long programs for women which combined to create the highest figure skating score ever — 228.56 points.

If all goes well, Kim will win gold and her great fame in South Korea, where the 2018 games will be hosted, will continue. Kim’s gold is not a definite though. Queen Yuna sat out much of this year and missed the Grand Prix with a foot injury. And then there’s Yulia Lipnitskaya, the 15-year-old Russian phenom who blew everyone away in the team event.

But for now, let’s relive her breathtaking performance from Vancouver and hope we get to see something so perfect again Wednesday when the ladies competition begins.

Kim performed her short routine to a James Bond medley. As the tempo built, she controlled her speed, leading up to her first move: a triple lutz and subsequent triple toe-loop, according to announcers.

Kim also incorporates feats of balance into her routines.

Her skill combined with her style and attitude made for a perfect performance.

For Kim’s long routine, also known as free skating, she upped the difficulty and elegance. She skated to “Piano Concerto in F.” Announcers said she “played it safe” by not performing this move, a triple-triple combination, in her first routine.

Of course, she added the infamous triple axel.

And once again, her grace on the ice was incredible.

“Oh my goodness, this is glorious. It’s one of the greatest Olympic performances I have ever seen,” an announcer commented as Kim spun on one leg, beginning the end of her routine.

Yuna knew it too.

In a book about her experiences as a world celebrity, Kim wrote, “If my performance falters, not only people around me but the whole nation might turn their back on me. She won the gold for her performance that day.

You can watch the video of Yuna Kim’s record breaking Olympics on the IOC’s YouTube page >

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