Here’s The Ridiculous Cheer That Yum! CEO David Novak Made Everyone Do At Its Investor Meeting

yum brands ceo david novak

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Yum! Brands CEO David Novak spoke at the company’s investor meeting yesterday, and he had everyone do the Yum! cheer.It’s pretty ridiculous.

“Now I ask you every year to do Yum! cheer,” said Novak. “You whine, you hate doing this, OK? But —so I thought you need to have a training video, OK?”

After showing the video, he asked everyone to stop whining and do the cheer with him.

Everyone ready? Lets do this.

Take it away, David (transcript courtesy Seeking Alpha):

“OK. Are you ready? OK. On your feet, we’ll make it simple. We’ll just keep it like we do all the time.

Stop the whining. Stop the grumbling. You might smile after it’s over, yes. At least all the Yum! people there, do it with some passion, OK?

Give me a Y.

Give me a U.

Give me an M.

What’s that spell? What’s that spell? What’s that spell?

All right.

Now you guys are actually pretty good this year. That’s great. We just got to get you warmed up a little bit better, OK?”

Juices now flowing, Novak immediately went on to talk about building his company’s brands in China.