Yulia Tymoshenko Has Developed A “Mysterious Ailment” in Ukrainian Jail

Yulia Tymoshenko

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Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymosheko‘s defence is requesting that she be examined by independent medical professionals, as mysterious bruises are appearing on her body, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reports.Tymoshenko, once called ‘the most beautiful politician in the world’ is being tried on “abuse of office” charges. The prosecution alleges that, during her tenure as Ukrainian Prime Minister, she forced the state energy company, Naftogaz, to sign contracts with Russia illegally.

Tymoshenko brought the complaint about her health concerns to the Court on August 18th, now her trial has been suspended until the 22nd. Journalists attending the proceedings said she appeared pale and tired.


Oleksandr Turchynov, deputy chairman of Tymoshenko’s opposition Fatherland party, published on his Twitter account: “Tymoshenko’s life is in danger. Bruises from broken blood vessels have appeared all over her body. There is no decision on our motion for a blood test.”

Upon hearing Tymoshenko’s request, presiding Judge Rodion Kireyev said that it was up to Tymoshenko’s detention facility to decide whether or not she could receive outside care. The defence shot back that the jail refused to make a decision without a court order first.

The prosecution asked that government Health Ministry officials examine Tymoshenko.

The EU disagrees. Its foreign relationships spokesman Michael Mann told reporters that the body wishes to see Tymoshenko undergo an independent medical evaluation.

All of this comes one day after former Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko, a former Tymoshenko ally, gave a damning testimony to the Court. He said that he had nothing to do with Russian gas contracts while he and Tymoshenko were ruling together, and that Tymoshenko had complete control of the situation.

The Kremlin issued a statement saying Yushchenko was blatantly lying.

Via Ria Novosti:

“Yushchenko is lying to his court… During his presidential term he personally wanted to gain political dividends and proposed to [Russian] President Dmitry Medvedev to personally sign a deal settling gas issues… But he was told that the issue was within the competence of the heads of the governments,” a Kremlin source said.

The source went on to say that Yushchenko assured the Kremlin that Tymoshenko had his complete trust and had full power to negotiate contracts with them.