This Documentary Claims That Communist Yugoslavia Played A Secret Role In Putting A Man On The Moon

A documentary trailer recently uploaded to YouTube claims to have uncovered the secret role Communist Yugoslavia played in America’s success at putting a man on the moon.

The trailer, posted on January 9th, already has over 600,000 views. It claims the CIA discovered Yugoslavia’s advanced space program (a product of a chance discovery of secret diary’s from Slovenian Herman Potocnik) at a time when they were trailing the Soviets, and eventually arranged to buy the technology off of Yugoslav President Tito.

More evidence is reportedly going to be available in the whole film (said to be out later this year), but experts have already cast doubt on it. Richard Solash at RFE/RL has spoken to a number of experts who doubt the claims in the trailer — and the Slovenian creators themselves tell Solash “We are aware that some of the hypothetical claims in the trailer were intentionally exaggerated.”

You can see it below for yourself: