The next-generation yoga mat has a neat trick when you're done working out

Yoga is great for your mental and physical health.

But traditional yoga mats can be difficult to manage: You want it to be totally flat while you’re working out, but you want it to roll up — and stay rolled — when you’re not. And often times, yoga mats can be unruly.

That’s where the YoYo Mat comes in. 

Invented by yoga enthusiast Aaron Thornton, his cofounder Dino May, and their friend and creative director Yu Tsai, the YoYo Mat is actually exceedingly simple.

YouTube/YoYo Mats
Pictured here: Yu Tsai (left), and Aaron Thornton.

With the 'top' side facing up, just toss or unroll your YoYoMat, and at the far side of the mat (the part that curls), press it down until you hear a 'click.' (Imagine it's a really big snap bracelet.) Now you won't need to worry about your yoga mat curling up randomly.

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When you're done exercising, flip your YoYo Mat over. It should roll up by itself.

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If the YoYo Mat doesn't immediately unroll at first, give the far side of the mat a tap or a twist to 'unclick' the mat. It should roll up at that point, and it will stay rolled without any straps needed.

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The YoYo Mat prototypes have been successfully completed, and the mats are currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter. You can get them in four colour combinations: green and grey, blue and grey, orange and grey, and charcoal and grey.

YouTube/YoYo Mats

The first YoYo Mats will begin rolling out to customers this November.

YouTube/YoYo Mats

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