Jerks Get The BEST Credit Scores, Study Finds

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Now you can brush off your deadbeat credit score with a simple, “It’s because I’m such a nice guy.” That’s what a researcher at Louisiana State University and his team found in their study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, which examined the correlation between people’s personalities and their credit scores. 

Those characterised as affable and friendly had worse credit than those thought to be cranky, rude, selfish, and all-around disagreeable.

Jeremy Bernerth, lead researcher, believes those with positive personality traits are more likely to make altruistic gestures at the expense of their credit.

They’ll hand a loser relative another check or take out another credit card they can’t afford just to please the cashier, he explained to Time’s Moneyland.

Meanwhile those with disagreeable, selfish personalities won’t give in to such peer pressures, which keeps them from filling out that credit card application to make a salesperson happy or co-signing a risky loan. 

Bernerth presented another theory: “There’s strong research that shows that agreeableness can negatively affect career earnings potential,” he told Moneyland. “Disagreeable people do tend to get ahead.”

Those willing to bust into the boss’ office, demand a raise, and complain about the wait on their promotion might be less agreeable, but are more likely to move up the ranks. They’ll acquire more money and stability throughout their career, making it easier to pay off their bills on time.

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