A documentary about Donald Trump's controversial building of a golf course is being re-released

Youve been trumped emerging picturesEmerging Pictures‘You’ve Been Trumped.’

The 2011 documentary, “You’ve Been Trumped,” is being re-released by its distributor Emerging Pictures.

Directed by British filmmaker Anthony Baxter, the film follows the construction of Trump’s luxury golf course in Aberdeenshire, Scotland which leads to a clash between Trump and the locals who don’t want it built.

The film will be available through the distributor’s WannaWatch.it platform, in which viewers request the film to screen at a theatre near them.

“You’ve Been Trumped” was first released in 2012 after playing at some major film festivals around the world.

Capitalising on Trump’s current campaign for the Republican nomination for President of the United States, Ryan Markowitz, VP of Emerging Pictures, was quoted in Variety as saying, “This documentary gives insight into a project of his and how it was conducted, which is ever more important as he touts his business credentials as the mainstay of his presidential bid.”

Portions of “You’ve Been Trumped” chronicles what people living near the golf course experience during its building, which include the loss of running water and Trump disparaging them during press conferences.

Watch the trailer:


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